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QFT poincare generator

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    I need to find the generators of the Poincare group in the representation of a clasical scalar field.
    Every text book I found let them as P and M. But any buk does not what are they.
    I'm wondering if any body help me to find this

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    There's some good stuff about the Poincaré group and its generators in Weinberg's QFT book (vol. 1, chapter 2) but he doesn't even mention fields until later in the book. It's still a good place to look if you want to know the meaning of the different generators. If you want to construct them explicitly from a field theory Lagrangian, you would use Noether's theorem (as you probably know). There should be some stuff about how to do this in most QFT books. Have you checked Peskin & Shroeder? (I don't know where mine is, so I can't check it myself).
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    Thanks Fredrik

    I found another book "Quantum Field Theory From Operators to Path Integrals" by Kerson Huang. It has a good explanation about generators of the Poincare group.
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