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QFT summary

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    Hello Forum

    Does anybody know of a good summary article or webpage that concisely and accurately outlines QFT (wikipedia's page is pretty bad)? I am not looking for a layman's guide but rather something suitable for a soon-to-be-student of QFT - something that can be read and understood in a day or two. I know it sounds like a tall order but I would not be at all surprised to find such a thing for regular QM.
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    Hello newbee! :smile:

    hmm … you're right … that wikipedia article just goes on and on about quantum theory without really saying what QFT is! :yuck:

    For a one-sentence summary: QFT is the technique of replacing annihilation and creation operators by annihilation and creation fields defined (much like Fourier transforms) over a whole space. :wink:

    Since you have "a day or two", I think you should go for a book rather than a webpage.

    I like Steven Weinberg's "Quantum Theory of Fields, Volume I" … (I assume you already know about basic quantum theory :wink:, so: ) go straight to Section 5.2 to find out what fields are, and then go back to Chapter 4. :smile:
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    Thanks Tiny Tim

    It looks like there exists a niche for a short book, of say no more than 50 pages, explaining the fundamentals of QFT to grad students.
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    George Jones

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    Thanks all.
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    Hey guys. I just found what appears to very a very nice concise yet rigorous intro to QFT. It is chapter seven of "Quantum Mechanics and the Particles of Nature: An Outline for Mathematicians" by Anthony Sudbery. It's only 45 pages! If you can find a copy then please tell me what you think of the book and more importantly what you think about chapter 7.
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