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QG in terms of creation of anhinilation operators

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    perhaps it is just a nonsense but can we express or could we express

    [tex] g_{ab }(x) = \int exp(iux)a(+)f(+) + \int exp(-iux)a(-)f(-) [/tex]

    the idea is, we express the metric g_ab in terms of the creation an anhinilation operators

    we write also [tex] \pi _ab [/tex] (conjugate momenta) as a sum of creation of anhinilation operator

    the qeustion is that if energy depends on curvature depending of the curvature and the operators a(+) and a(-) the metric can 'create' a flux of virtual particles

    here f(+) and f(-) are functions that satisfy the following wave equation [tex] g_{ab} \nabla \nabla f(+,-) =0 [/tex]

    here 'nabla' means the covariant derivative operator
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