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Qi / Ch'i

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    Dear Sirs,

    I have been reading about Chinese medicine and Feng Shui (yes, I know) and often come across the above notion. There is never any exposition on this arcane substance in the text other than that it is a "breath" or "energy". My guess though is that it is a deeper level of consciousness.

    Would any of you please point me to the right direction?

    Many thanks and regards,
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    The bible. "The living water" It is one and the same. References to this have been made in most religions if not all. You are only required to look. Taoism is another. There is one place you may look if you are truely interested in this subject. It will be there that you find the best source of all.
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    Thank you for your pointer. Personally I find both the Bible and Taoism more mystifying than demystifying and that is why I am looking for a more materialistic/scientific answer. But I will revisit them if there is nothing else I could find. Thanks again.
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    Can light be used to see that which is smaller than itself? There is only one way.
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    No, that's what electron microscopes are for. ;)

    Sorry, I couldn't help it.
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    Nah. Eastern philosophies on Chi etc link it to the idea of universal order, or harmony. Chi is part of the world, and something altogether different from personal consciousness. Seen in a materialist fashion, it is a label for the abstract ideal of order, or life. It is a transposition of the subjective ideas of how the world ought to be, onto reality.
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    Hi, The order Taoism implies includes a large helping of chaos.
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    :smile: Thank you all very much guys, for your help. Actually I don't think Ch'i is just a notion or philosophical term, far from even a peaceful force, it is very very powerful from my experience. Before I could even spelt the word, I felt it in my face - imagine a cyclinder of gas exploding 15 feet from you but without the heat and fire. That was what I felt.

    It feels great to be helped, hee hee and many thanks again!
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