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Courses QIT maths - for undergrad

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    Hi all at PF,
    Hoping to get some help selecting final year subjects. I am interested in QIT. At the moment, I'm planning to go to grad school for theoretical physics. However, i am also trying to have a backdoor into a masters of computer science as it is a more realistic career track - i am also quite interested in AI. I am not sure how easy this transition would be without taking discrete maths and algorithms from selection (1), but including these subjects would mean i miss out on the math major.
    Toss up is between:
    A) Physics major and math major
    B) Physics major with math minor and comp sci minor

    Taken so far:
    First year
    Differential calculus
    Integral calculus
    Intro to stats
    Linear algebra
    Physics 1
    Physics 2
    Intro to programming - includes c and matlab

    Second year
    Vector calculus
    2nd class on linear algebra - proof based
    Intro to PDE
    Real and complex analysis
    Statistical model
    Statistical tests
    Physics 2-1
    Physics 2-2

    Planning to take:
    Third year
    Physics 3-1
    Physics 3-2
    Physics 3-3
    Physics 3-4
    Here is where i need suggestions for my last 3rd year subjects:
    1) Discrete maths or intro to algorithms and data structure or non linear ODE's or mathematical computing - (can choose 2 of the 4 but i would need to select both ODE's and math comp to finish a math major)
    2) Abstract algebra (2nd year) or theory of computation - (can choose 1 of the 2)

    Appreciate any help you can offer.

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