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QM classics

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    Which books can be considerd classics in the field of quantum mechanics (I am talking about books like Balletine, Landau and so on)?
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    Thanks td21! A like is yours.
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    Principles of Quantum Mechanics by Shankar seems to be highly rated. However, I haven't read it yet so I can't give a personal review
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    Thankyou ZetaOfThree!
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    <Classic> for a book means famous, not necessarily new. The first textbook of Quantum Mechanics is the 1930 1st Ed. of Dirac' Principles of Quantum Mechanics. It's definitely 'the classic', as can be considered von Neumann's 1932 book. These 2 were the first books on quantum mechanics *with Dirac focusing on principles and formalism, while the Hungarian von Neumann on the mathematical structure of the new (at that time) theory*.

    Putting modern textbooks at the level of >classical< is a bold and not necessarily justified enterprise. Perhaps by 2050 we can call Weinberg's 2013 book on QM as classical.
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    Quantum Mechanics by Messiah is old but I think is should be considered Classic. Merzbacher is good and held dominance in graduate schools before Sakurai supplanted it.
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    Another two books:

    Cohen Tannoudji et al (good as a reference not for self learning).

    Wheeler and Zurek Quantum Measurement, still on my to read list, which I haven't found time to read.
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