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QM conflict with relativity

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    In relativity, things like gravity are suppose to be time frame independent, i.e. even if time stopped they would still exist frozen as they did before since a gravitational field instantaneously correlates over the distance it covers.
    However, in the new standard model, forces like gravity are carried in specific packets or virtual particles which travel distance over time, so if time stopped particles would not be able to change virtual particles and thus gravitational fields wouldn't exist.
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    In relativity, changes in geometry (i.e. in the gravitational field) propagate as gravitational waves at precisely the speed of light. Only in Newtonian gravity do such changes propagate instantaneously, and I have no idea what you mean about time stopping.

    Now, the graviton is not part of the standard model of particle physics. You can say a little about what its properties should be, but it hasn't been incorporated in a consistent way, and doing so is extremely difficult. Again, I have no idea what you mean about time stopping (this never happens) and gravitational fields not existing.
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    In relativity, the "spreading" or "change" in the fabric of space occurs at the speed of light but the indentation itself is "just there", however, even you have a black hole, a gravitational field still moves inside and outside of the event horizon without any trouble, and this is because of the time-frame independence, even though at the event horizon time should be stopped relative to an outside observer. So, if gravity was merely particles traveling distance over time, we shouldn't see gravity outside the black hole because all of the virtual particles would be stopped or "frozen in time" because of our outside relativity view. Or this should at least happen with electric fields if not gravitational fields.
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