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QM experiments compendium?

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    Hi. I hope this is the rightplace to ask this. Sorry if it isn't. I'm looking for a resource (book, web page, etc) and I don't know if it exists so I'll describe it.

    I want something that lists actual experiments that complement or back up the topics listed in a typical QM textbook, so I can understand QM better.

    Most textbooks describe a handful of experiments or touch on the relevance of this or that but there's not a lot of depth. I'm looking for something like this:


    But more complete and with data. Thanks!
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    You are in the right place.

    Here is the textbook you want:

    Personally I believe QM is based on a simple physical idea - that if a system is in a state and one second later is in another state, then it went through some state at half a second:

    But that's just hubris on my part being a person attracted to mathematical elegance.

    Truth is any physical theory is based on experiment, not theoretical considerations and you are correct in seeking an experimental foundation.

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