QM mimics Relativity in an EPR guided symmetrical Universe

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The basic idea.

The proposals of this paper are based on a combination of a Holistic and Quantum Mechanistic “Dual Anti-Mirror Symmetrical” worldview by postulating:

1: That there was no “broken symmetry” in the Big Bang Process and as a result, our universe is “non local” correlated with one or more distant and spatial separated Anti-Mirror Symmetrical COPY Universes, filled with Anti-Matter and with ANTI-MIRROR= OPPOSITE RUNNING time: clocks will run over there literally anti-clockwise.

Non-Local correlation is supposed to act timeless between dual anti-mirror copy particles living in separated anti-mirror copy universes. Subtle phase shifts or floatation between these dual correlated anti-mirror copy particles are supposed to be the origin of the choice between which is the observer and which is the observed particle. The absolute first particle that changes its “eigenstate” by a real collision event, is supposed to be the trigger (observer) for the other anti-mirror copy particle to do the opposite.

2: That Elementary Particles have real rigid geometrical shapes, which can transform by collision into other shapes by Anti-Mirror Symmetrical Transformation rules. Thus Elementary Particles are real objects, however according to the first postulate they have no independent existence. There are A: linear oscillating particles (vacuum particles) , oscillating within the “Star of David” Shaped chiral vacuum lattice, there are B: spinning particles (Fermions) driven by vacuum particles, there are C: motionless particles inside the nuclei of black holes, which are compressed against their own collective “bow tension”, “collecting” oscillating vacuum particles , bouncing at the outside of the nucleus, and there are D: particles in temporary transition between these three states of motion like real particle based photons and neutrinos. The Big Bang is supposed to be a complex transition from motionless particles ( C ) into A , B and temporary D states.

The Holistic part of this reality is based on a new dual Universal EPR correlation system by using the so called TI (Transaction Interpretation) described by J.G. Cramer. This TI Interpretation is an alternative and more objective interpretation of Quantum Mechanics formalism. It employs an explicitly nonlocal “transaction” model for quantum events with OPPOSITE RUNNING TIME. (see: http://www.npl.washington.edu/npl/int_rep/ti_over/node2.html [Broken] )

If we try to create anti-symmetrical twin particles with anti-symmetrical spin or polarization in the Laboratory, the so called non-local EPR (Einstein Podolski and Rosen) correlation is always active between these particles, no matter how far the particles are separated. Thus it is challenging to assume that such an EPR correlation (coined "Big Bang Entanglement" BBE) started in the Big Bang and is still active between "distant twin particles" in distant anti-mirror Universes, no matter how far these (Anti-Mirror) universes are separated, as a “Dual Anti-Mirror Symmetrical” compensation for our “material” Universe. At the same time these Copy universes form TOGETHER a Quantum Mechanical “Closed System” in the pure meaning of Classical Quantum Mechanics, they are each others observers and anti-mirror observed subjects with opposite running time, if we assume that “anti-copy events” in both universes are subtle and random phase shifted in time.

The Mechanistic part of this reality is based on the idea that Waves are in conflict with the idea of Particles. Thus waves must be based on discrete quantum mechanical events and vacuum particle oscillations. On the Quantum scale it is assumed that only real shaped Particles (Fermions and Bosons) and real Particle shape transformations by collisions between them, are the second base for “Anti-Mirror Symmetrical” reality and the base for the UNIFICATION of all forces in nature. With an exception for Neutrinos, Fermions or Bosons can be created directly by collision out of “Virgin” vacuum particles or by a series of transformations. As a consequence, all particles and even the vacuum itself must be based on geometrical shapes.

Mainstream physics is telling us: that in the “standard Hot Inflation Big Bang” process there was ANTI-MIRROR particle symmetry (equal amounts of fermions and anti-fermions) between all particles popping out of the Big Bang vacuum as EPR correlated twin fermions, before a not well understood Anti-Symmetrical Annihilation of these particles took place, killing all the anti-matter components, which left our “single material" Universe behind instead of an “anti-material” Universe.

However, until now there is no hard evidence found for such an annihilation process, and it seems realistic to search for evidence of an other “classical” possibility, that all these twin fermions have real shapes and are able to collide and merge with other real shaped particles (gluons and photons) to form more complex fermions like quarks and muons.

According to this idea, four vacuum particles can transform into two electron positron pairs which transform after a merging process with gluons or photons, directly into a hydrogen atom, because one electron and two positrons change into three quarks to form the proton by merging with photons and gluons, and one electron will stay “clean” to form the shell of the atom. However this seems to be only possible if the environment (the vacuum) has anti-symmetric mechanical “chiral properties” (left or right handed) which has to be compensated in our opposite Anti-Copy Universe for “Dual Anti-Mirror Symmetry” reasons .

One of the few Holistic-mechanistic worldviews was discussed but abandoned by David Bohm and his collaborator Jean Paul Vigier. David Peat described in his book "Infinite Potential" the gist of the problem, as follows: "Bohm argued that his "quantum potential" guides the electron in a non-mechanical way. But how exactly it operates was less clear. Vigier favored explaining the process in terms of some sort of underlying mechanism- a sub-quantum fluid, perhaps. In his opinion the electron exchanges energy and momentum with this fluid and in this sense the electron is "pushed along" (by the fluid). Bohm went along with Vigier for a time, but eventually he felt that his theory was being forced too far back in the direction of Classical Physics. The two men simply drifted apart in their philosophies."

…For Vigier, however, the crisis of the theory lay in the problem of nonlocality. The question of nonlocality is basic to the original debate between Bohr and Einstein on "Independent elements of reality". Einstein argued that if the quantum objects are far enough apart, they must be independent; since quantum theory could not account for this fact, then the theory had to be incomplete. Bohr countered that quantum systems are an “Unanalysable Whole”. This wholeness, present in Bohm’s theory, implied non-locality."

However, in this paper, it is assumed that Dual Anti-Mirror Symmetry and BBE is the base for consciousness on all levels of existence. At the same time, we must be able in the future to measure the "Unanalysable Whole" of multiple Copy Universes, by more precise human intention/reaction experiments as Benjamin Libet did before.

see also: http://home.planet.nl/~vuyk0022/
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A more detailed description with a wider view:

Most modern Physical Theories accept that our universe is the most macroscopic "Closed System", created by a Big Bang process which need to incorporate a so called "broken symmetry" and is in Quantum Mechanical terms plagued by observer- and measurement problems, because each phenomenon (or wavefunction collapse) requires an observer. However if we assume that there was no "broken symmetry" in the Big Bang process, then our universe could be not a single-, but a multiple anti-symmetric "closed system" of spatial separated bubbles of (anti-mirror symmetric) COPY universes, with only one anti-mirror symmetrical reality, synchronized by an, observer-observed dual system (subject-object) what is called "Big Bang entanglement" (BBE), thus without observer- and measurement problems. Due to the "chirality of the vacuum", left or right handed, which is supposed to be opposite in dual anti-universes, there is no need for a large scale annihilation of matter/anti-matter in the multiple (Big) bang process, if quarks are supposed to be compound rigid particles made of different shaped photonic gluons, combined with a single "chiral shaped" electron or positron.

If BBE is interpreted as a complex, non-local instantaneous Einstein Podolski and Rosen (EPR) guided wavefunction collapse system and a continuous particle guiding system acting between dual anti-mirror universes, then these universes will stay always each others anti-mirror COPY universes. Thus these anti-copy universes must be interpreted as –distant- spatial separated subsystems entangled by BBE.

It is supposed that only subtle oscillatory floatation differences or phase shifts are needed between the EPR correlated anti-copy particles living in these anti-universes, to make an alternate observer and observed dual system possible, as is required by Quantum Mechanics for wavefunction collapse. Thus BBE is supposed to create a symmetric two-way mutual influence between these entangled anti-copy universes on the quantum level and even -but with a retardation-, for human decision making.

As the ultimate consequence of this new Anti-Symmetrical reality, it will be a real shock to accept the idea that, we humans can have no SINGULAR private Self. We have to accept that the Private Singular Self is a Cartesian illusion, because all elementary particles and even the "Self" should have a long range "non-local" instantaneous two-way mutual "action at a distance" between dual alternate object-subject related anti-symmetric copy humans. Famous "free will" experiments made by Benjamin Libet are supposed to be the tell tales of this phenomenon. In our perspective, Time is running (only mathematically) backwards in our opposite anti-symmetric universe. Our opposite anti-mirror copy humans living over there however, will calculate our time as running backwards. "I think therefore I am" should change into "We think by alternate doubt, therefore we are".

In anti-mirror terms, my anti-mirror copy human Self, living in the other distant EPR correlated universe has his hart at the opposite side of his body. If I raise my right arm, then at the same instant, my anti-mirror Self will raise his (in my perspective) left arm. As a consequence the ZEN BUDDHIST expression: "clapping with one hand" has physical reality, based on ANTI-MIRROR symmetry between these dual universes.

At the same time experimental evidences for so called "shadow atoms and shadow DNA" does suggest that our copy anti-mirror universe is somehow represented in our universe by Shadow or Phantom particles. It is assumed that the Big Bang Entanglement system uses these local shadow particles together with distant "wormholes" as mediators for the distant EPR guided wavefunction collapse as the origin of the synchronization of anti-copy universes. As a consequence, the so called "single-particle double slit interference" is postulated to be the interference between a real and its phase shifted "shadow particle".

Albert Einstein couldn’t accept Niels Bohr’s Uncertainty and judged Quantum Mechanics as an incomplete theory. In this paper it is assumed that both theories are incomplete, they both miss a causal and deeper understanding of the sub-quantum geometry and continuous entanglement aspects of elementary particles.

The result is a new theory, based on a new chiral "Oscillating Quantum Vacuum lattice" (OQV) with a set of discrete real shape changing, but rigid photon/gluon particles and spinning propeller shaped Quarks and Leptons, "pushed around" by oscillating Toroidal shaped vacuum particles, all guided by a particle guiding system, coined: "Big Bang Entanglement" (BBE).

BBE is supposed to be the origin of the object-subject relation of QM systems. BBE is based on a continuous non-local anti-symmetrical EPR (Einstein Podolski and Rosen) correlation between dual anti-mirror particles living in different spatial separated anti-mirror copy universes. Wave-particle duality in this model, is explained by the shape changing properties of real shaped vacuum particles, combined with a disruption and repairing system of the vacuum lattice. The Disruption and repairing system of the vacuum is supposed to be the origin of diffraction, refraction and dispersion inside and around atoms, and even the origin of the differences in the lightspeed through transparent media like Glass, Water and Air.

Despite all the experimental evidence for Einstein’s Relativity, the search for subtle flaws in the measurements changed our understanding of the Quantum Mechanical bases of Relativity and consequently, the NON-Universality of the Relativistic (Lorentz) Invariance. So called LASOFs (Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frames) and a so called "1 cm postulate" gave the answer. The Sagnac-, Brecher- and Babcock and Bergman experimental measurements and the 2,7K Cosmic Background Radiation are supposed to be the examples of these subtle flaws.

Time and mass are inseparable related. Consequently time is "local" time and based on the "jitter" of atoms, which is based on the jitter of Quarks and Leptons. Without MASS, there is no jitter and no Local Time, there is only the potential local Space Time of the oscillating local vacuum. Atoms or Quarks and Leptons can’t jitter within black hole nuclei, consequently only MASSLESS black holes without time will exist, equipped with a new kind of gravity: the repulsive effect of the oscillating vacuum, acting as a "Fifth Force". This Fifth Force is assumed to be a continuous quantum counterbalance for the other four forces of nature and the origin of the so called "Casimir force". As a result all Feynman diagrams should be made more complex and extended with the continuous interaction of this Fifth Force.

Most modern Physical Theories accept that each Fermion has autonomous "Self Energy", which is connected to its mass by E=mc^2. However it is also proposed that particles acquire their Mass from the outside: the Higgs vacuum field.

The proposal of this model is that Both: Energy and Mass is acquired from the outside, from an energetic oscillating Higgs-Virgin crystalline vacuum Lattice. It will be hard to imagine that the vacuum seems to be filled with an incomplete chiral crystalline lattice spaceframe structure, with edges no longer than the "Planck length". That each edge is occupied with two linear oscillating microscopic rigid but changeable ring shaped particles, called Higgs-Virgin Particles, able to change form after collision into other rigid shapes which can have a "chiral" propeller form for Fermions (Quarks and Leptons). Fermions are pushed around (spin) by the vacuum itself and in decay cases, they can change back into other shapes such as the ring shape.

As a consequence, It is more than fantastic to realize that the vacuum should be more densely packed with oscillating vacuum particles, than the jittering "elementary" particle density of a concrete wall or even a Neutron Star.

That the "Self Energy and Mass" of Fermions is originated by a continuous energy transfer from the jittering vacuum particles.

That all EPR (Einstein Podolski and Rosen) correlation experiments, are local examples of a much bigger Dual Universal guiding system.

That all particles and waves in one universe, are guided by non-local symmetrical instantaneous EPR correlations coined "Big Bang Entanglement" (BBE) acting between spatially separated symmetrical anti-mirror COPY universes, which are supposed to have "Mutual Transactional Observer- Observed dual Systems" on different levels of existence from electrons up to humans.
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If we follow Richard Feynman and Crazy alternatives:

Richard P. Feynman wrote in his book QED: "I have pointed out these things because the more you see how strangely nature behaves, the harder it is to make a model that explains how even the simplest phenomenon actually work. So theoretical physics has given up on that."

This Paper is an attempt to describe such a causal and ontological model, Feynman was pointing at. However it must be said, that the strange behavior of nature lead to strange and apparently CRAZY approaches.

The alternative approaches of this model are:

1, that the universe is interpreted as a real particle based "Holistic" quantum computer, with only discrete calculation and memory options, based on different kinds of mirror symmetric EPR (Einstein Podolski and Rosen) correlations acting on different levels of existence.

2, that the universal vacuum is interpreted as a linear oscillating particle based "space frame" in the form of an incomplete 3-D tetra/octahedron lattice, with a fixed chirality left or right for individual (sub) universes.

3, that the universe is created without "broken symmetry" by a 3-Dymensional semi-cold Fractal Big Bang out of a "Big Crunch Black Hole nucleus" with a finite particle content. That there is always a mirror symmetry between opposite parts of the globular shell of Big Bang Fractal expansion.

4, that this mirror symmetry is guided by a new interpreted EPR "non-local action at a distance" for each individual particle and vacuum oscillation or "wavefunction collapse", just like EPR experiments show in the laboratory.

5, that as a result, an even set of anti-COPY universes will exist, equipped with mutual so called "anti-mirror symmetry", which is present not only at the quantum level but on all levels of existence, up to humans.

6, that real Toroidal shaped unifying vacuum particles dubbed "Higgs-Virgin particles can change shape, by collision into other singular particles, which are able to combine into compound quark particles.

7, that each elementary or vacuum particle is accompanied by its "shadow (anti) particle" for universal memory and guiding reasons. That there are indications that there is "shadow matter" on all levels of existence up to humans. (see: DNA Phantom effect)

8, that the oscillating vacuum particles are the only energy source in the universe, "pushing around" all real but "complex spinning" propeller shaped particles, (quarks and leptons).

9, that Photons are "short living" (<1 cm trajectory) single shaped particles, originated by each collision of a vacuum particle with Quarks or Leptons. After <1cm, the photon pops back as a vacuum particle, initiating a photonic information wave, with different shaped real amplitudes. Within the 1 cm boundary the photon is supposed to be able to compute and file its digital direction in the vacuum lattice, its micro amplitude based vacuum frame related lightspeed, and its polarization plane.

10, that all inertial motion of matter in the local vacuum frame is based on "Lorentz polarization" of propeller shaped Quarks or Leptons. Quarks and Leptons are supposed to be rigid particles propelled by the oscillating vacuum itself. The Lorentz polarization is supposed to guide the propeller particles main axis, to overcome the vacuum frame resistance. That local oscillating vacuum frame and the absolute speed of matter through the vacuum frame, is responsible for the jitter of Quarks or Leptons, which is responsible for local time.

11. that black hole nuclei tend to explode if they are not stabilized by enough vacuum pressure, originated by the vacuum oscillations. All black holes (young or old) "eat" or absorb the vacuum particles which originate space frame curvation and is supposed to be also responsible for the Hubble redshift.

12, that Cosmological time is supposed to be originated by the absorption of the vacuum by black holes, which create pulsating effects within long periods. For the Sun (11 years: sunspot black hole rhythm), for our Galaxy (about 13.000 years by Galaxy center explosions, suggested by P. LaViolette) and finally for the pulsation of the universal Big Bang- Big Crunch system, (by all black holes together).

The result of this model is that a "mechanistic but Holistic" "Oscillating Quantum Vacuum" lattice is able to mimic the Relativity rules, with one exception, it mimics only partly the universal constancy of the Light speed. However, the lightspeed constancy is mimicked by the vacuum and "dragged" within so called LASOF "double cone" boundaries located on both sides (in front and at the backside) of massive objects in motion through the Solar vacuum lattice reference frame. (LASOF: Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frames). It was a challenge to find evidences for this, and it was found by so called "Subtle Historical misinterpretations of the experiments" made by K. Brecher, Babcock and Bergman and Sagnac.

Consequently it is possible to explain the constancy of the light speed around massive objects like the Earth, in an ontological quantum mechanical way, by so called Microscopic Amplitude Variations of photonic waves, acting within "extinction distance" boundaries called LASOFs. Thus it is possible to replace the cornerstone of physics and astronomy (LLI) without collapsing the house. Consequently we may reject the absolute equivalence of all "inertial frames" (e.g. the twin paradox is no paradox any more) and the absolute symmetry of Relativity at all levels of abstraction, with an exception for "Local Position Invariance" (LPI).

The resistance for acceleration of mass must be found in the altering of the interaction events of the oscillating vacuum particles “pushing Fermions around” in an altered spin polarization called “Lorentz Polarization”. Consequently, altering the Lorentz polarization of fermions is the origin of the resistance for acceleration and the need for energetic action. Lorentz Polarization itself is supposed to be the origin of resistance less motion of mass “pushed through the Solar oscillating vacuum lattice frame” by the vacuum itself.

The null result of the Michelson and Morley experiment is not originated by the "ether drag" or "the Lorentz contraction" but by the microscopic amplitude variations of the photonic vacuum oscillations within the LASOF boundaries "dragged" by the Earth. However, if we try to create an alternative for Local Lorentz Invariance (LLI) based on a discrete particle/time based mechanical but ontological system, it has to be expected, that the universe and the quantum vacuum will become a kind of a very complex calculating quantum computer. This extra complexity seems to be in contradiction with the so called Occam’s razor principle, and is an anathema in the physical community.

The result however is, that there are strong indications, that the special "Oscillating Quantum Vacuum" described in this model, is able to mimic LLI with only small violations, in a very intelligent but complex way. At the same time, the astronomical problems to explain the awesome fractal alike complexity of the inhomogeneous universe seem to be much easier to solve.

Due to all these new explanations, it was needed to find a new vocabulary containing new expressions for new phenomena. In this paper, a new type of energetic Oscillating Quantum Vacuum (OQV) in a crystalline lattice form, with a-symmetrical oscillation qualities called: LASOF (Local A-Symmetrical Oscillating (vacuum) Frame) is proposed, to mimic an observer dependent vacuum lattice. A new type of "instantaneous, non-local two-way transactional" EPR (Einstein Podolski and Rosen) Correlation, or "Big Bang Entanglement" (BBE), is needed to guide all particles and waves in a set of anti-mirror symmetrical universes, without a broken Big Bang symmetry.

Big Bang Entanglement (BBE) is supposed to act between a limited and even set (8-12?) of spatial separated "(anti-)material copy universes". All universes together compensate each other for energy and information, thus together they add up to ZERO energy and information. BBE is supposed to be the origin of all Quantum mechanical so called object-subject correlated wavefunction reductions, "outside each others system", as required by standard Quantum Mechanics. BBE is synchronizing these dual copy universes, every "Planck time", to guarantee that a "broken symmetry" between each particle or wave in these dual universes is prevented, and to keep the omnipresent EPR guided transactional object-subject relation intact. BBE can be interpreted as a dual UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS or MIND.

Together with the proposal for a system of real shape for elementary particles and combinations of these particles into compound particles (for quarks and some leptons), it is possible to cover the standard model, and to explain mass, motion and the 4 forces of nature in an ontological way.

In this model it was needed to describe weird consequences, like: massless black holes, the Oscillating Vacuum as the ONLY energy source in the universe, a semi-Cold Fractal Big Bang of an even number of dual universes, without symmetry breaking , and a multiple dual symmetrical Big Crunch.

see also: http://home.planet.nl/~vuyk0022/
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Ether Reference Frames.

In 1905 Albert Einstein introduced the special relativity theory to solve the difficulties encountered with the ether concept. These problems arouse from the mistaken view that matter is not composed of ether.
However, as is evident from the excerpt of his inaugural speech at the Leiden University in 1920, Einstein had by then completely reversed his view on the ether.
"... Recapitulating, we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an ether. According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. ..."
Secondly, the existence of the 2.7 K cosmic radiation, discovered in 1965 by A.A. Penzias and R.W. Wilson, clearly points to an absolute frame of reference.

Geometrical proposal for elementary particles.

The research on this model started with the idea that different sorts of radiation (gamma-ray, x-ray, visible light, Em and electric field radiation) show "overlapping" thus partly equal wavelengths or frequencies, which was reason to assume that photon particles could have a special "particle shape" to discriminate between these frequency characteristics. The discovery of the peculiar geometrical combination possibilities of the Torus (donut) form -if it is sub-divided into 4 equal parts-, with mutual "internal toroidal" rotational capacities, gave the answer. It was possible to combine (click together) these different shapes into a set of 36 different compound propeller alike shapes, based on only 2 basic single propeller forms (electron and positron) and 5 basic single non propeller forms (photon/gluons). These 36 different shapes appeared to have dual mirror symmetry between two sets of 18 propeller forms with left and right handed pitch. Thus it was obvious that these 36 shapes could have some relation with the "standard model" of the 36 different quarks, which are proven to have a mathematical anti-mirror symmetry.

It appeared that most particles of the "standard model" and even most particle "creation and decay processes" could be easily mimicked by these peculiar compound shapes after "rotation" and combination into compound particles. The unifying Torus particle is called the "Higgs-virgin vacuum particle" because Peter Higgs suggested the so called "Higgs vacuum particle" and due to the unifying "virgin" properties of the remarkable capacities of the sub-divided torus form. It was obvious that quarks and leptons, with an exception for the electron and the positron could have a shape made out of more than one compound and internal rotated virgin particles. All other particles e.g. (photons/ gluons/ neutrinos) could be formed out of only one single virgin particle. However all these different "dead" but changeable shapes should be able to represent our universe, so it was a challenge to find an engine and a guiding method for this system. The engine of these particles was found in the energetic oscillating "Higgs-virgin vacuum lattice" with a "chiral" crystalline appearance, the guiding system was found in a dual anti-symmetric long range operating non-local EPR system; called "Big Bang entanglement".

The result of this model is that it is able to give ontological answers for unresolved physical-, astronomical- and even philosophical questions based on a unifying mechanistic but also Holistic dual-anti-mirror universal system without a so called "broken symmetry" between these spatial separated universes.

The origin of the universal large scale structure of the Lyman-alpha forest, the high speed of the creation of early Galaxies and Quasars, after a semi-cold Fractal Big Bang. The complexity and different shapes and types of Galaxies. Dark matter and Dark Energy.

The origin of diffraction, refraction and dispersion of light. The mechanistic origin of all the general and special relativity effects.

The origin of consciousness and so called retarded EPR correlated Free Will by proposing a veto process which was already suggested by Benjamin Libet.

The "Crazy" transformed Feynman Idea and a new "Fifth Force".
In his book "the Character of Physical Law" (p.37-39), Richard Feynman wrote: "Suppose that in the world everywhere there are a lot of (space filling vacuum-) particles, flying through us at very high speed. They come equally from all directions, -just shooting by- and once in a while they hit us in a bombardment. We and the sun, are practically transparent for them. Practically, but not completely, and some of them hit. Look at what would happen; If the Earth is moving it is running into the particles coming towards it and away from the ones that are chasing it from behind. So more particles will hit from the front than from the back, and there will be a (vacuum) force opposing any motion. This force would slow the Earth up in its orbit" (which is proved to be not the case); so that is the end of that theory;.! Well you say, it was a good one, and I got rid of the mathematics for a while, maybe I could invent a better one".

However, in "Crazy" contrast with Richard Feynman this new model assumes that Nature may compensate such an opposing vacuum resistance by a "Fifth Force",
1: if the Feynman vacuum particles are supposed to be energetic oscillating vacuum particles coined "Higgs-Virgin Particles" oscillating in a chiral 3D lattice and
2: if the mass carrying particles (of the Earth) have the ability, by real Lorentz transformations, to absorb just enough energy of this oscillating vacuum frame in the right direction to compensate for the opposing vacuum resistance and to keep this Lorentz polarization in its memory. A fifth force is born: the directional vacuum energy absorption, a base for new physics.
The directional vacuum energy absorption is supposed to be possible by real "Lorentz transformations" of charged particles relative to the local vacuum reference frame. These reference frame related Lorentz transformations are coined "Lorentz polarization" which act as a memory, in combination with the described Dual Universal EPR correlation. This memory system as a whole is called: "Big Bang Entanglement" (BBE). Big Bang Entanglement is supposed to be the instantaneous non-local collapse information between "Lorentz polarized" "Twin" particles with charge, and between "Twin" photonic oscillatory vacuum information packets living in two spatial separated Universes. Thus it is postulated, that the Earth is pushed by the oscillating particles of the vacuum as a compensation for the resistance originated by the Earth's velocity through the vacuum reference frame itself! This reference frame is supposed to be anchored around the sun itself, by two medium sized "Stellar Anchor black holes" in dumbbell form situated on both sides of the planetary plane.

The nuclear particles of Black Holes are not supposed to be able to polarize in the direction of motion through the oscillating vacuum as massive particles do. Thus Black holes are "Locked up" in this vacuum, and can only move, if the vacuum around the black hole is a-symmetric oscillating in the form of a LASOF.

As a consequence, this model points into the direction of a Universe, that is at the same time MECHANISTIC, by oscillating colliding and spinning real non-zero sized particles , and HOLISTIC, by EPR guided Big Bang Entanglement (BBE) acting at different levels of existence from particles up to humans between dual synchronized universes.

A new EPR correlation concept.

The interpretation of "EPR correlation" which is assumed to be most applicable in my model, resembles the "Transactional Interpretation" (TI) described by John.G.Cramer in "Nonlocality and the Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics" see: http://www.npl.washington.edu/npl/int_rep/qm_nl.html [Broken] .

The TI of J.G. Cramer, is in this model interpreted as a timeless "handshake" between anti-mirror particles or compound particle systems (like humans) equipped with (mathematical) opposite running time, (as is in my model the case between two anti-mirror universes).

These anti-copy-universes are also mathematical each others opposite, thus:


and the hart of my anti-Self is located at the right side of his body, which however he calls the left side.


Dual Universal EPR correlation is here interpreted as "instantaneous action at a distance" even between two or more distant anti-mirror particles or compound particle systems living in anti-mirror copy universes with opposite running time.

It is postulated that Big Bang entangled Quantum Mechanical systems like humans, living in spatial separated anti-mirror copy universes are equipped with this "Retarded Handshake" possibility to create free will by means of a VETO in decision making within a time window of 200 milliseconds. This idea is based on the research of Benjamin Libet (in: "do we have free will?" Journal of Consciousness Studies, vol. 6 no. 8-9, 1999). Other complex systems like animals and vegetation are supposed to be equipped with a "retarded handshake time", which is shorter than 200 ms, so they are expected to have less Free Will..
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The Oscillating Quantum Vacuum (OQV) , and the origin of Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frames (LASOFs) being the origin of the isotropy of the lightspeed around massive objects like the Earth.

The new oscillating quantum vacuum is supposed to resemble a complex incomplete 3D (chiral tetra/octahedron crystalline space frame) lattice at the scale of the "Planck length", which is able to mimic Local Lorentz Invariance (LLI), thus to mimic the constant speed of light, inside local boundaries around a massive object. These areas are called LASOFs. (Local A-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame)

The LASOF system can only be effective, if the quantum vacuum lattice is supposed to be chiral and photonic information, (the one-way speed of light) is able to stretch or compactify in the direction of travel through the (Solar) vacuum lattice reference frame, which is assumed to be fixed around the Sun.. As a consequence it is assumed,

1: That the vacuum lattice is able to transport "single photonic information" with each vacuum oscillation of vacuum Higgs-virgin particles between vacuum lattice nodes, within the Planck time.

2: That a photonic (spherical) wave is a combination of multiple trajectories of "single photonic information" each pointing in a specific direction from the source, relative to the chiral vacuum lattice reference frame.

3: That each single photonic information trajectory comprises real spiral and sinusoidal amplitudes.

4: That the 3D- lattice is only able to force the single photonic information into spiral/sinusoidal amplitudes if it has a chiral configuration and if the lattice resembles an incomplete octa/tetrahedron lattice, which is made incomplete in a complex way.

5: That the one-way lightspeed outside the LASOF is not isotropic with the Earthly rotation around the Sun, but isotropic with the Solar reference frame itself. This probably the most simple feature to test! Special Relativity and in fact also GR. The one way light speed test, between two satellites outside this LASOF bubble can give us in the future the answer about reality.

Microscopic Amplitude Variation, the origin of the constancy of the “one-way speed of light”.

The average longitudinal photonic transmission speed along each vacuum lattice, is supposed to be 7/4x faster than the speed of light c. To compensate for the 7/4x lightspeed, it is supposed that each photonic information trajectory must comprise a succession of microscopic helical and sinusoidal shaped trajectories, through the vacuum lattice. These routes represent different amplitudes, which can be described as:

1: a "full spiral" route (one projected circle or helical path) comprising 8 amplitude lattices, over a linear propagation distance of 4 Planck lengths.

2: a "sinusoidal curved" route comprising 6 amplitude lattices over a linear propagation distance of 4 Planck lengths,

The photonic information trajectory is executed by the vacuum oscillations and can "stretch" and become "compactified" simultaneously in opposite directions, by an incidental but regular change of the "spiralling ratio" 8:6 into 8:8 for compactification (slower signal propagation), or into 6:6 for stretching (Faster signal propagation) . We will call this effect: the "7/4 ratio change effect". The "7/4 ratio change effect " is supposed to be the origin of Amplitude variation and consequently the origin of the standard transmission speed c. in "flat space", it could be derived by (8+6)/(4+4)=14/8=7/4.

Consequently, the smallest standard wavelength in this vacuum lattice is 16x the vacuum lattice length : 2x helical path of 4 lattice lengths, and 2x sinusoidal path of 4 lattice lengths.

It is postulated that the "7/4 ratio change effect" is the mechanism behind the constancy of the light speed within the LASOF area which does also influence the wavelength related to the vacuum lattice to compensate for the 30 km/sec speed of the Earth through the vacuum. Thus each "photonic information trajectory" is supposed to comprise an amplitude variation is supposed to be the origin of the constancy of the Light speed.

More "full spiral routes" and less "sinusoidal routes" of the photonic trajectory, means more power spectrum (more photonic content) and bigger amplitude of the wave, which originate a slower photonic wave relative to the (Solar) vacuum lattice reference frame.

The Spiraling "7/4 ratio change system" is the most simple system which is needed to "mimic" Einstein’s constancy of the lightspeed within LASOF boundaries. More complexity is possible, if each photonic amplitude based trajectory still comprises the standard transmission amplitude of 14/8 . Then the vacuum Lattice speed of light has to be doubled and will become not 7/4 x c. but 7/2x c.

However, it is assumed that the speed of the Earth through the Solar vacuum frame can still NOT be measured, by these variations of the amplitude- or power spectra of electromagnetic waves.

The only possible Earth speed measurements will be, the GPS "one way signal speed tests" in opposite directions, outside the LASOF of the Earth and with a signal direction, parallel with the propagation direction of the Earth through the Solar vacuum frame and so called subtle diurnal synchrotron microwave variations. (see under "4 tests" below).

If the speed of the Earth within the solar reference frame, would be more than 1/8 of the light speed however, this system could not compensate any more to create a constant light speed around the Earth, by the stretching and compactification principle. It is assumed that so called superluminal effects of particles (synchrotron) jets in astronomy are originated by this 1/8 light speed boundary. Examples of the LASOFs are supposed to be found in the peculiar habits of Binary stars (see below, the "source to extinction distance" of the crab nebula, by R.S. Fritzius interpretation of K. Brecher measurements) and in the light speed experiment of Babcock and Bergman in 1964 [see: 3] .

The helical/sinusoidal photonic information trajectories are not supposed to "spread" in "flat space, as suggested by standard quantum mechanics. The only "spreading" or deflection of the photonic signal through the vacuum lattice is originated by the so called "vacuum disruption". Vacuum disruption is originated by two systems,

1: the Photonic particle Transition into an oscillating "wave" after a trajectory of 1 cm. (called before, the 1 cm postulate), 2: by the absorption of the vacuum by black holes. The vacuum disruption is supposed to be responsible for : Refraction, Diffraction and Dispersion effects inside and around atoms, or around vacuum absorbing black holes, such as the dual solar "Anchor Black Holes" and "sunspot black holes".

It is proposed, that all "standard" wavelengths are a integer multiples of this basic entity of 16 vacuum lattice lengths. If we assume the vacuum lattice length to be equal with the Planck length, then the smallest wavelength is 16x1,6x10^-35m= 2,6x10^-34m. The length of one vacuum lattice (the Planck length) is at the same time the longest "straight" line in the universe, all other longer lines which are supposed to be straight must be composed out of spirals and sinusoidal forms. It is supposed for symmetry reasons, that the direction (left or right) of the spiralling vacuum lattices in our universe is opposite to the direction of the spiral in our dual anti-symmetrical anti-universe.

Universal change of Alpha and the light speed.

The recent discovery of the variation of the electromagnetic coupling constant (or fine-structure constant) Alpha, seem to introduce a new light speed perspective in the physical community. (John K. Webb. /P. Davies: "the speed of light has changed" http://www.pr.mq.edu.au/events/index.asp?ItemID=607 [Broken] )

In this Oscillating Quantum Vacuum (OQV) Lattice model, it is assumed that the Vacuum Lattice measured from the center to the rim of our universe, becomes more and more "structural anti-symmetric" in redshift, due to the absorption of the Vacuum Lattice by Dark Matter (spacetime curvation), located around Galaxies in the form of "Galaxy Anchor Black Holes" (GABH’s), Galaxy Halo Black Holes (GHBHs) and smaller within Galaxies: Stellar Anchor Black Holes (SABHs), Comets, etc. (see: semi cold dual Fractal Big Bang.) . This anti-symmetry in redshift, can be compared with the LASOF areas (Local A-Symmetrical Oscillating Vacuum Frame) connected to massive objects.

As a consequence it is assumed that the "Hubble redshift" is originated not by the expansion of the universes, but by this Dark Matter/ Black Hole absorption effect. As a result, the universal change in the Lightspeed (or alpha change) suggested by P.Davies should be not continuous.

This discontinuity is supposed to be originated by the increased vacuum absorption rate of GABH’s located in the center of the universe, which must be more evolved than the GABH’s at the universal rim, if we include the effect of the so called "look back time". It is assumed that somewhere in between this distance, the lightspeed ( or alpha) change is decreased. This effect can be seen at: "Michael Murphy’s Research" page. At http://bat.phys.unsw.edu.au/~mim/res.html figure: 2, between 0,65 and 0,85 "Fractional look-back time" we can see a structural decrease of the alpha change, which is supposed to be the result of the former described effect.

It is proposed that even the recent discovery of the "acceleration of the universal expansion" measured by comparing so called Type 1a Supernova data should be also originated by the same increased vacuum absorption rate of GABH’s in the center of the universe.
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TWO HISTORICAL MISINTERPRETATIONS OF EXPERIMENTS made by Babcock and Bergmann (1964) and K. Brecher (2000), a good bye to the "Occam’s razor" criterion..

The LASOF light speed change or the "source to extinction distance"

Inside the LASOF (Local A-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame) areas on both sides of the orbiting object, the light speed around a massive object like the Earth, is supposed to be related to the object, within a specific redial distance, which can be called the "source to extinction distance".

It is to credit Robert S. Fritzius, who gathered parallel ideas on "extinction distances"., He found that Walter Ritz and R.Tolman did already find evidence for extinction distances, which was called "Ritz ballistic hypothesis" resp. "Tolman extinction" (or "source to extinction distance"). In the paper of Fritzius, called "Stellar Gamma-ray lashes" : http://www.ebicom.net/~rsf1/grbs.htm he presented both interpretations: we quote as follows:

Kenneth Brecher gave a paper on testing special relativity using Gamma Ray bursts at the April 2000 APS meeting in Long Beach California. ( http://www.eps.org/aps/meet/APR00/baps/abs/S5800012.html [Broken] ). He evaluated the expression c' = c + kv where k = 0 for special relativity and k = 1 for the Ritz ballistic hypothesis. He states "If the SR second postulate is invalid, photons emitted simultaneously towards an observer from a source at distance L, characterized by internal velocities v (both towards and away from the observer), will arrive at the observer as a pulse of finite width dt, implying a value of k = (c^2/2v)(dt/L)." He used v > 0.1c, dt = 1.0 msec and a cosmological distance of 10^28 cm for L (GRB to observer). For these values we get k = 10^-20. Brecher says "This represents, by a factor of 10^9, the most precise test of the second postulate of special relativity to date."

R. Fritzius comment: According to John Fox(4), Tolman's " source-to-extinction distance" has to be used in calculations, such as in Brecher's special relativity test, rather than the source-to-observer distance. (For cosmological distances the former is generally very much shorter than the latter.) When we plug in the extinction distance, as calculated for the Crab pulsar in another part of this presentation, L=2.6*10^10cm, (which is 2.6*10^5 Km or approximately 0.7 times the Earth-Moon distance) we arrive at a much fuzzier result for this SR test, i.e., k=5.8*10^-3.

According to the expected mass difference between the Crab pulsar and the Earth, it is likely to assume, that the "source to extinction distance" of the Earthly LASOF double cones postulated by this model, could be expected to be much less than 0.7x the Earth Moon distance.

At the same time it is shown that the interpretation mistake, (to calculate with the "source to observer distance") made by Kenneth Brecher, is the same mistake as is made in the "Babcock and Bergman" experiment within the laboratory (see below: "the 1 cm postulate" ).

The 1 cm. LASOF Postulate, based on the new-interpretation of the Babcock and Bergman experimental results.

The well known Babcock and Bergman (B&B) experiment called "Determination of the Constancy of the speed of light" [3] (originally done by Kantor in air) was designed to discover the relation between the light speed and the light source ( by placing two fast rotating glass windows in the light beam trajectories. The B&B experiment was done in a vacuum chamber). The goal was to check the SR postulate, that the speed of light is a constant for all observers, regardless of their motion relative to the source of the light. The B&B experiment supported the light speed invariance up to a subtle 0,7 % structural anomaly, which could not be explained.

This small but structural light speed anomaly was structural related to the fast moving (rotating) glass windows. On page 151, of [3] Babcock writes: "it is only claimed here that the (fringe) shift between rotating conditions was less that 0.02 fringe, a value to be compared with the shift of 2,9 fringes predicted on the assumption of addition of velocities". "It is also concluded that the results are, to within their own precision, in agreement with the prediction of the theory of relativity". Thus B&B measurements where interpreted as supporting the 2e postulate, because the fringe shift was ALWAYS POSITIVE RELATED TO THE SPEED OF THE SOURCE, although it was very small.

However the B&B experiment supported the 2e postulate ONLY if it is assumed, that the WHOLE "free" light beam trajectory (between the glass window and the fixed reflecting mirrors = 140 cm) has to be influenced by the speed of the glass window.

If we don’t take the whole trajectory of the light beam into account, and suggest that there is some kind of a "source to extinction distance" active, THEN a simple calculation tells us that the ratio of 0.02/2,9 is 0,7 % , so (0,7/100x140= 1 cm). : 0,7 % over a distance of 140 cm, in which the light was moving unreflected in vacuum, after leaving the fast rotating glass window.

Conclusion: we may calculate that the speed of light has a speed relation with the (fast) moving glass window source only over ca. 1 cm distance, which we could interpret as a structural small LASOF. However, the mass of the glass window is so small that we postulate that this effect is not a real LASOF effect. Contrary we expect this effect to be a universal effect of all radiation, and the base for all wave-particle duality. We will call this effect the 1 cm effect.

We will raise this effect to the "1 cm postulate": that all radiation is always related to the speed of the source over a distance of at least 1 cm, measured in the reference frame of the source. Despite all the experimental evidence for Relativity, the search for subtle flaws in these experiments can bring Reality nearby. References: [3] Journal of the Optical Society of America, 1964,v 54,no,2 p.147-151.
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5 new Postulates on the lightspeed around massive bodies.

The local speed of light and the "stretching and compactification" of the spiraling light wave in the local vacuum lattice reference frame, is supposed to be influenced by mass according to 5 new light speed postulates. These postulates refute the universality of Special Relativity, and introduces the existence of local light speed (LASOF) boundaries. These postulates are:

1: that all celestial massive bodies moving (orbiting) in the local lattice vacuum reference frame , are equipped with "double cone" formed areas with special an-isotropic light speed properties called LASOFs, (Local Anti-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame) located on either sides of the moving object. The main axes of this double cone are inline with each other and in line with the propagation direction of the object through the vacuum lattice. These LASOFs mimic Special Relativity rules about the lightspeed, and are the origin of the misinterpretation of the constant lightspeed by the Special Relativity theory. The LASOFs are only effective to compensate for Special Relativity requirements, for velocities under 1/8 of the light speed of the moving object related to the vacuum reference frame.

2: that inside these LASOF areas, the light speed is related both, to the moving object and the vacuum reference frame with a changing ratio from 100% to 0%, dependent of the distance to the object in motion called the "distance of extinction". Inside the LASOF (Local A-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame) areas on both sides of the orbiting object, the light speed around a massive object like the Earth, is supposed to be related to the object, within a specific redial distance, which can be called the "source to extinction distance".

3: that the dimensions of the LASOF areas are related to the total mass in motion and the mass density of the object. (However, the light speed is in the first place always related to the light emitting object over a maximal distance of maximum 1 cm around the object itself. see: "the 1 cm postulate" below)

4: that stars like the Sun are also floating in the center of a so called "Secondary Stellar LASOF", which has the form of a double cone, with the circular bases located into one common central plane of different space structure. These cones are originated by two massless so called "Stellar Anchor Black Holes" (SABH’s) of medium size, each located at one of the summits of the double cone. The Solar planetary plane is supposed to be orientated perpendicular to the common central axis of these cones, and centered within the common circular cone bases.

As a first possible evidence in space of such a secondary LASOF, we found a so called "Highly ordered Faraday Rotation Structure in the Interstellar Medium" in the form of a double cone, with a central plane of different polarization, by B. Uyaniker and T.L. Landecker.(Astr.Ph.J. 575:225-233. 2002, 10 aug. See also: http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/astro-ph/ps/0204/0204274.f3.jpg [Broken] .

These Solar Anchor black holes (SABH’s) are supposed to "Eat" or absorb the energetic oscillating vacuum, at both sides (North and South) of the sun, which should be the origin of the "Solar LASOF" which is supposed to have an extra influence on the vacuum structure. The vacuum "eating" of these black holes is reason to postulate that the SOLAR LASOF is not based on a-symmetrical oscillations, but on vacuum lattice "drag" by the two Solar Black Holes, together with all the other Stellar- and Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (SABHs and GABHs) of the Milky way. SABH’s are supposed to be identifiable by their gravitational micro-lensing effect on background stars, showing asymmetry due to the Earth’s orbital location shift during the year. It is supposed that this identification could be extracted from existing terrestrial astronomical photographs.

5: that each Galaxy is supposed to have a complex " Tertiary Galaxy Halo LASOF" structure around, originated by at least two Massive "Anchor Black Holes" comparable with the Stellar Anchor Black Hole/LASOF combination. These so called Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABH’s) are supposed to be identical with the well known primordial black holes (PBH’s), left over from the Big Bang and recently recognized by astronomers as "gravitational lensing" satellite CDM substructure in Galaxies and Galaxy clusters.

(The Galaxy Anchor Black Holes, together with the smaller Stellar Anchor Black Hole systems, are supposed to "eat" the vacuum, which is the origin of phenomena like the Gravitational Lensing, the Hubble Redshift, Dark (missing) Matter, Spacetime distortion, the universal evolutionary clock. This universal clock is based on the absorption of the vacuum lattice by dark matter (black holes), the origin of the future Big Crunch. The number and distribution of GABH’s is supposed to be responsible for the differences between Galaxy types. In "quadruple gravitational lenses" like PG1115-080 the measured anomalous "flux ratios" of the 4 different images, are indicating that these quadruple images are not representing the same Background Quasar, but instead 4 different satellite GABH’s, surrounding in tetrahedron configuration the central Elliptical Galaxy). (N.Dalal ) http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/castles/Individual/PG1115.html

Knotty Jets, the Tell Tales for Early Dark Matter and Spiral Galaxy formation.

It is proposed that the new paradigm for Black Holes with a nuclear particle content, (see before) lead to a 2 stage semi-cold Black Hole evaporating Big Bang see http://home.planet.nl/~vuyk0022/App_Haisch.htm#appendix40 which is supposed to be the origin of “simple” progenitor Spiral Galaxies equipped with at least one so called Galaxy Anchor Black Hole (GABH) at either side of the disk.
These Early simple what I call “dumbbell” Spirals are supposed to be able to merge, however without the merging of the GABHs itself.

This merging prohibition is part of the new paradigm for Black Holes, which tell us that Black Holes only merge if the vacuum structure/pressure has become insufficient, as is supposed to happen in the so called Big Crunch. Second, that Black Holes Repel single atoms thus gas clouds, but attract massive stars, which is supposed to be the origin of all dwarf globular stellar concentrations.

If there is still Gas in the neighborhood of these GABHs it is proposed that a Dwarf Irregular Galaxy in between these GABHs is formed, or even a Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy .

If there are enough stars available from Galaxy merging activities: GABHs can capture these stars and form Elliptical shaped star clusters around themselves called Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies.
Consequently these GABHs will stay isolated and will form two axial orientated "Tree alike" outer Halos of the Spiral System.
Within Early Spiral Galaxies, these GABHs are supposed to form axial located strings which can be identified as Knots inside Jets produced by the Spiral Radio Galaxies. It is well known that these knots don't move inside these Jets, which is in line with the new GABH paradigm that Black Hole nuclei are supposed to be “Locked up “ within the oscillating vacuum structure. See also: 3C303 http://hea-www.harvard.edu/XJET/source-d.cgi?3C_303
The Spiral galaxy 0313-192 is supposed to be an example of a Spiral with GABH induced extended Halos in "Tree" form see http://www.astr.ua.edu/keel/research/rg0313.html
It is proposed That these GABHs can collect stars and form Dim Dwarfs Ellipticals Galaxies. In addition it is proposed that in between these strings of GABHs, Irregular and Spheroidal Galaxies can form like the Dwarf Sculptor see: http://nedwww.ipac.caltech.edu/level5/March01/Mateo/Mateo4.html

It was professor F.D.A.Hartwick (University of Victoria BC Ca.) who described the interesting extended Halo structure of more or less aligned dim Dwarf Galaxies of the Milky Way (10 dwarfs) and Andromeda Galaxy (11 Dwarfs) See: “The Structure of the Outer Halo of the Galaxy and its Relationship to Nearby Large-Scale Structure” (arXiv:Astro-ph/9912083 v1 4 Dec. 1999.) http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/astro-ph/pdf/9912/9912083.pdf [Broken]

Progenitor Spirals are supposed to merge at last into Giant Spiral Galaxies.

Within Galaxy Clusters these Spiral Galaxies are supposed to change automatically into Giant Ellipticals, because the alignment of the Tree alike GABHs of the different merger Galaxies inside these Giants will become more random orientated.

However even inside Giant Elliptical Galaxies it seems possible that some remnants of the axial GABH structure can be identified, see : http://hea-www.harvard.edu/XJET/source-d.cgi?M87
If this is true, Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies must each harbor a primordial massive GABH which is supported by the fact that most elliptical dwarfs and even Globular Galaxies do not show much gaseous content. (The new paradigm Black Holes are supposed to repel gas but attract Stars)

The extended Halo GABH is supposed to be a balancing aid for the axial stability of the Galaxy and is influencing the forming of Spiral arms and Galaxy structure. A lot of the Universal Dark Matter in the form of GABHs, should consequently be concentrated inside Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies or unresolved without a stellar globular shell,. inside extended lobes.

As a result, the contemporary idea that all Galaxies harbor a super massive Black Hole in their nucleus should be wrong.
If black holes inside Galaxies are not primordial but only Supernova remnants, then one could speculate that only collections of the smallest Supernova Black Holes should be concentrated in these Galaxy nuclei.
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Globular Clusters Harbour a Central located Black Hole.

Globular Clusters then, should harbor even bigger (the oldest) Supernova black holes than the small ones located in the Galaxy Center.

This would support the idea that black holes tend to organize from small to big, from inside to outside Galaxies.
This could be a possible explanation for the knotty structure of our Galaxy nucleus, harboring only small black holes..

A special different scenario however, for giant Elliptical Galaxies equipped with internal GABHs is possible inside the center of Galaxy clusters.
These Giant Ellipticals could be a combined effort of a concentration of GABHs (Dwarf Galaxies) connected to the ring of outer Galaxies of the Galaxy Cluster, which have different axial orientations, all pointing into the center of the Cluster.

If these GABHs come together in the center of Galaxy clusters, A new Giant Elliptical Galaxy could be born equipped with old stars from other galaxies and the original Dwarf stars around these GABHs.
Then these Ellipticals could be called "super Dwarfs"' see the example mentioned above: of a Knotty jet inside M87. : http://hea-www.harvard.edu/XJET/source-d.cgi?M87 which seem to have a much higher Dark Matter content than the surrounding Galaxies.

Galaxy Anchor Black Holes (GABHs) pop up as Tidal Dwarf Galaxies inside Tidal Galaxy Tails.

It is well known that interacting Galaxies are mostly accompanied by a relative more than average number of Dwarf Galaxies called “Tidal Dwarfs”, see J.Hibbard: Tidal Dwarf Galaxies:. http://www.cv.nrao.edu/~jhibbard/TDG/tdg.html . The origin of this phenomenon according to my new Big Bang paradigm, ( http://home.planet.nl/~vuyk0022/App_Haisch.htm#appendix40 ) must be found in the assumption that most Spiral Galaxy connected GABHs did not have the chance in their history to capture Stars from their neighborhood to form Dwarfs, but are supposed to be still hidden inside the extended outer Halo of the Spiral Galaxy.

However it is also postulated before that All Giant Galaxies even Giant Spiral Galaxies are grown up in history, by the merging of multiple smaller (primordial) Spiral Galaxies. As a result, the Dwarf Galaxy abundance which we see today in tidal tails of merging Galaxies, should have happened in history around ALL Giant Galaxies. As a conclusion we would suggest that GABHs which are located near their Hosts, may lose their captured Shell of stars after the Galaxy has become stable again.

It is remarkable that the number of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies inside Galaxy Clusters, is relatively much higher than in the normal field around Spiral Galaxies. See Kraan Korteweg and T ammann (Virgo: figure 10) http://nedwww.ipac.caltech.edu/level5/Sandage3/Sand2_2.html#Figure 10 . It is assumed that Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies are able to keep their Stellar shell in place by the different structure of surrounding GABHs (Dark matter) within the Cluster, or by the continuous exchange of stars with the Cluster environment.

In field Galaxies, however it is obvious that only in tidal tails of interacting Spirals these “hidden” GABHs show up as “Tidal Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies” , see: the Stephans Quintet and NGC 4038.. See: http://www.cv.nrao.edu/~jhibbard/TDG/AAS198hibbard.pdf

Dark Matter extended Halo structure of Spiral Galaxies, the origin of Lensed Einstein Crosses.

If we accept that the smallest Black Holes are concentrated in the center of Galaxies and the bigger Black Holes are concentrated inside axial “Trees” of outer Halos, then the peculiar Lensed Einstein Crosse could be explained in a more logical way, by proposing that Einstein Crosses are originated by the Cross like (Dark) Matter structure showing up if we look at Spiral Galaxies EDGE ON!.

The Massive GABHs located along the extended axis of the Galaxy combined with the (Dark ) Matter distribution in the Disk and inner Halo form a clear structure in Cross Form if we look at it EDGE ON. Bradac et al. found these effects in MG0414+0534, see: http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~mbradac/Work/aah3340.pdf See also N. Dalal and C. Kochanec: This Galaxy is not seen EDGE ON, therefore these 4 images have two by two a different lensing distance by the different amounts of Dark matter in between them and show up as a trapezium. The symmetry axis of this trapezium should point in the same direction as the rotational axis of the Spiral Galaxy.

http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/castles/Individual/MG0414.html http://universe.gsfc.nasa.gov/press/2002/020520a.html [Broken] .

Multiple times: Local- and Cosmological Time.

1: If we accept that the "EPR correlation" or "Big Bang Entanglement", is described as a so called instantaneous Timeless "Transactional Interpretation" (TI) between anti-mirror particles, with opposite (+ and -) running time, then there is something like a divine guiding system in the universal system. This interpretation is close to the already described TI, by John.G.Cramer see: http://www.npl.washington.edu/npl/int_rep/qm_nl.html [Broken] and described in his paper as "instantaneous (THUS TIMELESS) action at a distance",
2: If the universal system is always anti-mirror symmetrical, without a "broken (Big Bang) symmetry" and synchronized by EPR effects, then it could be expected that we have to deal with copy anti-universes with "mathematical opposite running LOCAL AND COSMOLOGICAL time".
3: If the vacuum is equipped with a crystalline lattice system of complex oscillating Higgs alike real vacuum particles, "pushing around" quarks and Leptons, then this oscillatory jitter of Fermions should be interpreted as the origin of local time, This would be the first "real time" to deal with.
4: If the vacuum particles are constantly absorbed by a not yet discovered system of Black Holes spread around Galaxies and stars like our sun (already recognized as "Dark Matter"), then we could come to the solution that there is also "Cosmological Time": the time that the cosmos need to pulsate in and out, from Big Crunch via a complex Fractal Big Bang to the second Big Crunch.

5: In between these small scale and large scale time scenarios, it is assumed that what we could call medium scale pulsations or rotations can be taken into account. As an example: The rotation of the Earth around its own center and around the sun, the life time of stars, the Sunspot cycle of 11 years, up to Galaxy center explosions which are predicted to recur each 13,000 year, (by dr. P. LaViolette. See http://www.etheric.com/LaViolette/predict.html [Broken] ).

Shape changing properties of vacuum particles.

The linear lattices with the Planck length, represent linear (longitudinal) energetic oscillations of real non-zero sized "hardrock" vacuum particles, which oscillate only locally and are supposed to have "shape changing properties". The vacuum particles are able to transport and transmit photonic/gluonic and neutrino information with 7/4x the speed of light. Two vacuum particles can change form by mutual collision by "shape changing properties" into an electron/positron pair. Single vacuum particles can also change by collision with quarks and Leptons into 6 different shaped single "elementary" real particle shapes: gluons and photons. Only photons and gluons can "click together" with electrons or positrons to form compound Lepton or Quark particles.
Compound particles are supposed to have a more or less stable connection with each other. Consequently they have to resist the fierce attack of the continuous collision with energetic oscillating vacuum particles, responsible for all spin. This fierce vacuum attack, is supposed to be the base for the creation and decay processes of compound particles: quarks, muon- and tau leptons.

The energy of the Vacuum particle oscillations is assumed to be the ONLY energy source in our universe, which is in balance with our synchronized dual anti-Universe, together adding up to zero energy. The sum of kinetic and potential energies in the dual universes, the Total Hamiltonian =0. The vacuum oscillations are supposed to "push around" all real spinning (spin ½: neutrinos excluded) particles. The force transfer by photons/gluons/neutrinos, is supposed to be the result of a statistical impulse mechanism of different directional polarizing momentum transfer of the different vacuum particles added within a certain time unit. The charged (spinning propeller) particles are supposed after collision with a photon (gravitons are excluded) to polarize their spin axis into a certain direction which is influenced by the momentum transfer of the photon. As a result the pushing power of the oscillating vacuum becomes anti-symmetrical for a moment and a "force" is originated by the vacuum. A curved electron trajectory in a magnetic field must be seen as an example of this polarizing effect. Thus photons don’t transmit forces, they transmit polarization information for Quarks or Leptons. Consequently the Feynman diagrams have to be extended with these vacuum oscillations, coming from 6-12 tetra/octahedron lattice directions in a new type "Feynman diagram".

As a consequence gravitons have no "back action", opposite to the direction of travel. Gravitons are supposed to transfer less repulsive force in the direction of travel, than the opposing vacuum particle momentum does as a kind of secondary "back action".
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Wave-particle duality and vacuum disruption and repair.

After creation, force carrying REAL shaped particles (photons, gluons etc.) are supposed to transform back into a vacuum particle shape, after a flight trajectory of less than 1 cm. This mechanism is supposed to be the origin of particle-wave duality. This photonic transformation influences the oscillatory energy of the vacuum particles and the former "hardrock photon particle information " will continue as a spiraling longitudinal oscillation inside the lattice reference frame. However the photonic transformation (vacuum particle into photon) also disrupt the vacuum lattice structure, as a result ONE vacuum lattice will become non functional for each created photon. After a maximum of 1 cm of flight, the photon will change its form back into an oscillating vacuum particle, so it is able to repair the local vacuum lattice within the 1 cm boundary. This system is imaging the vacuum as a constant disrupting and repairing lattice system, which is supposed to be the origin of well known effects like diffraction, refraction and dispersion in and around atoms.

The collapse of the wavefunction by EPR Correlation between dual anti-mirror universes.

Each individual vacuum particle oscillation in our universe should be correlated and compensated, by its copy oscillation in our dual anti-mirror universe, together adding up to zero energy and zero information. Consequently the origin of all these vacuum oscillations, must be found in some sort of bow tension of these vacuum particles. All these vacuum particles have been evaporated smoothly in dual BBE guided symmetry, out of a new Big Bang nucleus. Standard models tell us that the Big Bang should be infinite hot. However if the energy of the BBE dual anti mirror universes is zero, there is reason to postulate a 2-stage semi-cold Fractal Big Bang inflation, without so called "symmetry breaking" into a limited set of dual EPR (Einstein Podolski and Rosen) correlated or Big Bang Entangled (BBE) universes.

The BBE is supposed to be constantly synchronizing all these anti-mirror twin particles, between dual anti universes such as non-zero sized vacuum particles, Photons/Gluons and elementary non-zero sized twin Quark- and Lepton particles.

However these twin particles are living apart in dual -spatial separated- copy anti-mirror universes. The anti-mirror twin- particles are supposed to be their alternate instantaneous EPR correlated "conscious observers" "outside the system" (outside each others universe). These twin particles alternately initiate at random the collapse of each others wavefunctions by a trigger mechanism which is possible by so called "Floatation differences" and subsequently mediated by the so called "instantaneous two-way EPR correlation" . Thus the absolute first real scattering or collision of particles (vacuum particles with quarks or leptons) into its eigenstate is the trigger for the "instantaneous" EPR mediated collapse of the opposite twin particle in the other universe(s). As a result, these twin particles have a fully random alternate object-subject = observer-observed dual system relation, dependant of so called floatation differences within each Planck time.
In Quantum Mechanics, the Self of the observer is connected to human beings. This has led to strange ideas about living and dead Cats and the well known idea that the moon should only shine if it is observed by humans. In this model all so called "collapses of the wavefunction" are the result of at random real collisions and transformation processes of different shaped oscillating and spinning particles, within a dual universal EPR correlated process. Consequently the collapse of the wavefunction is INDEPENDENT of human measurement or observation, with an exception for human volition and action itself. Consequently the universe is described in this paper, as a Quantum Mechanical Dual Conscious Universe.


Uncertainty on two different levels, seems to be the ruling principle of choice in Big Bang Entangled, Dual Anti-Symmetric Copy Universes.

In contrast with Einstein’s "God plays no dice", it is postulated that God plays with real Big Bang Entangled rigid dice: the elementary non-zero sized particles, and the energetic oscillating particle based chiral vacuum lattice in dual universes.

Like Gods dice, the real particle (die) shape and structure, spin and continuous collisions are the origin of the choices nature makes. This is the origin of a logic based uncertainty of oscillating, spinning and colliding rigid particles, what we would call uncertainty "of the first kind".

However all these dice and vacuum oscillations are also dual universal correlated by Big Bang entanglement, which introduces an extra uncertainty of the "second kind" to the "dice form" collision uncertainty of the "first kind". Uncertainty of the second kind is supposed to be originated due to the at random choice nature makes which of the twin entangled particles is the "observer"- and which is the "observed" particle (The EPR synchronized collapse into the opposite eigenstate ) .This random choice is only possible if the twin entangled particles are not always exactly synchronized in the same eigenstate, they have to have floatation differences (perturbation differences) within each Planck time.

These fluctuations are supposed to be the origin of the alternate -but fully at random- initiating the choice which particle is the observer and which particle is the observed one. The eigenstate of the observed particle is supposed to be the one which is (mirror) mimicked by the observer particle and the origin of the dual collapse of "wavefunctions". Consequently in contrast with standard Quantum Mechanics, each wave or particle has always a precise position (relative to the Planck scale), also before an "experimental measurement (by humans)" is made. Thus when we measure the position of an electron, the measurement occur at the moment this electron interacts with the closest particle in the detector, ,………OR it will occur slightly after the moment (but within the Planck time) that the EPR correlated anti-mirror electron (positron) in the opposite universe interacts with its closest particle over there.

Particles and waves can still be described by Schroedinger equations, however particles and waves are always "precise" located within the Planck length, they don’t "spread out" as suggested by standard Quantum Mechanics.

This non-local description of reality has no connection to the Hidden Variables (HV) interpretations due to the so called "Value Definiteness" of HV, which means: all observers defined for a QM system have definite values at "all" times. The observer (particles) in this model are not defined before the measurement is made and definite values at ALL times is reduced to all times beyond the Planck time.

Thus God plays dice on multiple dual-non-local EPR correlated universal tables, and probably on more than two tables (universes).


We could imagine the dual anti-mirror universes as being each others projection through a converging lens. If we imagine to place so called double slit experiments on both sides of this lens, and mark the corresponding slits A, resp. B, then after we combine these experiments into one experiment, the mystery of double slit experiments is explained. The photon which passed slit A, in our universe, interferes with its dual universal BBE correlated (anti-mirror shadow) particle, which passed in our perspective through slit B, by the anti-mirror symmetry relation.

There is even reason to suggest that these anti-mirror particles are present in or around each real particle. I suggest, that in so called "single photon interference events" (e.g. double slit experiments) the photonic wavefunction does not split in two equal halves. In stead:. These photons seem to be able to split into different anti-mirror wavefunctions representing two different particles: a shadow particle (also called mirage) and a real particle. In the same way, quarks and leptons, can split into two different (anti-mirror) shadow and real non-zero sized particles which can be described by their own anti-mirror wavefunctions. If these shadow and real particles (or shadow and real photons) reunite appropriately after passing a double slit, single-particle interference will occur. Each quark, lepton and boson should be somehow escorted by its own anti-mirror companion (shadow) particle. So called mirage (shadow ) cobalt particles were recently found in elliptical quantum corrals, by dr. D. M. Eigler IBM (se quantum mirage effect (QME) http://www.almaden.ibm.com/almaden/media/image_mirage.html ) These mirage cobalt particles seem to have a one-third weaker intensity than the original cobalt particle. Recent so called "muon g-2" anomaly measurements suggest also that the muon could have a "super symmetric" partner escort particle, which influences its magnetic moment. (see: http://phyppro1.phy.bnl.gov/g2muon/index.shtml [Broken] )
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No broken Big Bang symmetry.

According to modern physics, the EPR correlation mechanism predict that each elementary particle that came out of the Big Bang, had a counterpart (anti-mirror spinning and charged ) particle which was EPR correlated. These EPR correlations should now be "washed out" due to a not well understood decoherence- and annihilation mechanism, which created the so called "broken symmetry" of our material Universe. However this model predict that the EPR correlated anti-mirror symmetry between particles is still there, in the form of dual universal symmetry synchronizing mechanism called "Big Bang entanglement" which should exist between dual spatial separated copy universes.

As a result, these ideas introduced a new ontology of physics, and a new particle-wave-vacuum principle. The vacuum is supposed to be filled up with real so called non-zero sized energetic oscillating so called "Higgs-virgin particles" (Dark Energy). These linear oscillations should have the Planck length, and are supposed to be the base of a quantum lattice , with the geometry of an incomplete complex chiral crystal lattice. By comparing different real 3-D octa-/tetrahedron lattice models, it came out, that there are at least two possible chiral vacuum lattice models possible, with a left- and a right hand spiraling geometry. ...

The "3-D Star of David Chiral Space" a NEW chiral space filler.

It is possible to fill space with a network of alternating octahedrons and tetrahedrons (with edges of identical length), which we will call "Standard Tetrahedron-Octahedron Space" (STOS) . This is the result which we get by so called "Close Sphere Packing" models and is also called an "Isotropic Vector Matrix". If we cut away special chosen octahedron edges present in a STOS, then a so called "Truncated Incomplete Tetrahedron Space" filling system (TITS) is created. These Truncated Tetrahedrons have the form of what is generally called by Buckminster Fuller, a (3v- or) "3 Frequency Truncated Tetrahedron", which means that all the edges of the truncated tetrahedron have the same length. The TITS system is incomplete because at four sides of the truncated tetrahedron, an empty "tetrahedron shaped cavity" is left behind in space. Thus the TITS system, leaves a second system behind of smaller (1v) Tetrahedrons which are all connected ONLY by their vertices, thus they don’t have edges in common.

This incomplete space filling system will look at what we will call: a "Singular 3-D STAR OF DAVID SPACE"..(3D-SODS) These tetrahedrons are only connected by their vertices, which makes it possible to rotate these tetrahedrons in string series of 3 left or right, without "torsion" problems for the system itself. At both ends of a string of 3 rotated tetrahedrons, it is needed that there is one stable (non rotated) tetrahedron at both sides, fixed to the original non-chiral Star of David lattice. The rotational "torsion" possibilities of the vertices (between 6 edges) are supposed to be the only boundary condition for the Chirality of the vacuum lattice of space. It is assumed that after rotation of these tetrahedrons, the whole lattice will "shrink" a little bit in volume until the vertices boundary condition of torsion is reached.

At the same time there is a second 3D-SODS system possible, if we RE-introduce within each truncated tetrahedron the so called "internal tetrahedron". As a result there are two non-connected chiral SODS systems possible in 3-D space.

So the only space possibility I could find for a "chiral oscillating quantum space" with edges of equal length, is the single or double "3-D STAR OF DAVID SPACE" .

A new causal Particle-Wave duality.

It is well known, that the concept of Special Relativity of time, space and simultaneity as proposed in the Special Theory of Relativity, is proven to be logically untenable. With the arguments described here, a causal explanation and 4 tests for LLI (Local Lorentz Invariance) effects is presented.

It is postulated that real non-zero-sized photon/gluon particles are created by transformation of real vacuum particles due to collision of these vacuum particles with Quarks and Leptons. Photon particles are postulated to travel over a distance of less than 1 cm with the speed of light related to the light source, in the form of a real particle. After less than 1 cm flight, the photon particle will change its form back again into an oscillating vacuum particle, and change its properties into a wave form. This postulation is coined the "1 cm postulate". The photonic wave is interpreted as an additional vacuum oscillation of successive vacuum particles oscillating in the 3-D vacuum crystal lattice. The additional vacuum oscillation will travel with the speed of light dictated by the local oscillating vacuum frame. However, in addition to the 1 cm postulate, the local oscillating vacuum frame can have so called "LASOF" properties (Local A-Symmetric Oscillating Reference Frame). This means that relative to the vacuum frame the speed of light can differ in different directions, dependant of the mass of the radiating object in motion relative to the vacuum frame. (see LASOF )

At the same time, GPS one-way light speed and other experiments seem to prove that there are no inconvenient light speed differences in any direction relative to the Earth in its motion through the vacuum. Consequently, a postulate is made, that the quantum vacuum creates its own non-isotropic light speed bubbles on both sides of massive objects like the Earth for distances larger than 1 cm, coined the LASOF ("Local A-symmetrical Oscillating Vacuum Frame": see below). These bubbles are independent of the daily rotation of the Earth. Consequently it is supposed to be the origin (together with the Solar reference frame) for so called "Sagnac effects".

It is suggested, that the Ether drift experiments of Dayton Miller ( see: http://www.orgonelab.org/miller.htm [Broken] 1926 at mount Wilson) is an indication that the "LASOF" effect only compensates for the main "Etherwind" effects and probably does not compensate for all the "LASOF boundary side effects". If the Dayton Miller ether drift experiments showed us the reality, we have to accept that there still exist a small indication of the ether drift, and there was no "Lorentz contraction" of the "light arms" in the Michelson Morley experiment.

With the arguments described here, a causal quantum explanation for Local Lorentz Invariance (LLI) SR effects is presented. Consequently we have to conclude that Relativity is mimicked by the Quantum Vacuum. 4 tests in this paper are described for SR violation effects.

Fresnel drag.

So called "Fresnel drag" must also be interpreted as the result of the "1cm postulate" acting inside glass or water. The 1 cm boundary however, is supposed to be much shorter, and the vacuum frame related flight trajectory of the photonic information inside water or glass, must occupy microscopic distances. Future experiments with so called Fiber Optic Gyros could give the answer.
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4 Tests:

1: Babcock and Bergman experiment improvement.

The original Babcock and Bergman (B&B) laboratory experiment [3] was designed to check the relation of the light speed with two fast (moving) rotating sources. B&B concluded that there was only a very small correlation grade of 1 % between the lightspeed and the speed of the glass windows , which was reason to abandon a theory which supported the addition of velocities (c+/- v) over the whole length of the light trajectory, so this experiment was interpreted as a support for Einstein’s light speed constancy. As described before, there is reason to assume that the light speed relation with the source (c+/-v) is only active for a trajectory of max. 1 cm, which makes it possible to design alternative experiments to support this idea. In the B&B case two fast rotating glass windows were used in a vacuum chamber.

Better results are expected if the ratio between the 1 cm. postulated photon relation to the source and the succeeding "free light path" in the apparatus is increased. We will call this ratio, the "B&B ratio". The B&B apparatus [3] used in 1964, had a B&B ratio of 1/140cm. (1cm/Free light path).

It is suggested to improve this experiment, by improving the so called B&B ratio.

A, by decreasing the light path. For example: if the "free light path" after the light is leaving the fast rotating glass window (this was in the B&B experiment 140 cm) is decreased with 50% (=70 cm), then the structural "Fringe shift indicated " anomaly should raise 100% from 0,7% up to 1,4. %. . The suggested "1 cm postulate" that the speed of light is always related to the speed of the source (glass window) over a 1 cm trajectory, should originate a double influence on the fringe shift, if the free light path is 50% decreased.

B, by placing more glass windows behind each other. The B&B ratio will also improve by increasing the number of fast rotating glass windows, (placed at 1 cm behind each other ) inside the original B&B experiment.

C, by replacing glass windows by a set of 4 mirrors creating an omega shaped light path. If the baseline of the omega path is 1 cm, the anomaly of the B&B apparatus will also increase from 0,7 up to 1,4%, because the velocity effect on the photons is expected to double. A second advantage of these omega light paths is that there is certainty obtained about the 100% correlation grade of the light beam with the fast rotating mirror. A very thin glass window is not expected to have such a high correlation grade.

D, by a new carrousel alike system with a fixed central drum inside a rotating drum , both equipped with mirrors, should give the best opportunity to support or falsify the 1 cm postulate of this model, because the carrousel is expected to optimize the B&B ratio in a simple way.

E: As an alternative for D, it must be even possible to use a so called conventional "Sagnac interferometers" carrousel equipped with 4 or more fast rotating mirrors, to measure the real "source related lightspeed distance" by the induced fringe shift.

F: In this theory it is assumed that inside glass or water, the so called "1 cm postulated distance" is much smaller than 1 cm. and the subsequent photonic vacuum related oscillation trajectory is also very small. Therefore the so called "Fresnel drag coefficient" must be interpreted as the result of a natural B&B RATIO IMPROVEMENT inside water or glass. Fresnel drag, is the base for so called: "fiber-optic gyros" (FOG). As a consequence, "FOG gyros" must be interpreted as a proof for the "1 cm postulate". As a result, FOG gyros are able to measure the rotation of the internal "fiber loop" inside the vacuum reference frame very accurately. The internal "fringe shift" related to the rotational speed of the FOG, should give a measure for the B&B ratio inside glass or fiber.

2: Electron Synchrotron diurnal variations.

Despite the Earthly LASOF oscillating vacuum frame, the Solar LASOF oscillating vacuum frame, should have a diurnal subtle influence on microwave radiation intensities of synchrotron rings, measured up and down the radiation direction, which is most in line with the orbital propagation direction of the Earth around the sun. The lightspeed around the Earth is made constant by the LASOF, however the LASOF doesn’t influence the vacuum lattice structure itself. Thus fast moving electrons in a synchrotron ring (CERN etc.) have to deal with the "ether wind" of the Earth speed inside the Solar centered reference frame of the vacuum lattice, which will influence the synchrotron microwave radiation in a subtle diurnal way.

However until now all the diurnal effects which are measured in synchrotron rings, are "of course" thought to be the influences of other exterior perturbations, like the Solar gravitational influence on the oblateness of the Earth which deforms the synchrotron ring.

3: Dual GPS Lightspeed tests outside the LASOF area.

There will be a difference in the (one way) light speed between two GPS satellites (up and down), measured parallel with the orbital propagation direction of the Earth around the sun. It is expected that those specific GPS locations are located more or less "outside" the LASOF double coned area, located on both sides of the Earth. With this experiment it is supposed to be possible to check the orbital speed of the Earth inside the Solar LASOF reference frame.

4: Large Sagnac Interferometer "LASOF crossing" variations, in contrast with SR..

A large Sagnac laser interferometer with enough "internal surface" or "light arm separation" to detect only subtle changes in the lightspeed differences (in the up and down direction), between the individual light arm trajectories. This is an experiment which is already in action at the Canterbury Ultra-G Ring Laser Project at Canterbury University New Zealand (Christchurch, within the Cashmere Cavern, managed by professor Geoff Stedman). The Perimeter of 77 meter and the Area of 370 m2 seem to be just enough to measure the within 24 hours rotating "LASOF double cone" influences on the local lightspeed differences around the Earth.

The LASOF double cone main axis, is supposed to have a stable orientation parallel with the orbital trajectory of the Earth around the Sun. As a consequence, subtle lightspeed variations are measurable on locations placed between 45 degrees North or South Latitude if the Sagnac Laser is "crossing" these LASOF cone boundaries .

This effect is already measured by Professor Stedman an d his team: see: the first Ultra-G results 1-14 January 2002 : http://www.phys.canterbury.ac.nz/research/ring_laser/UG0102.pdf [Broken] The transition of 4 into 2 fold frequency shift variations each day, exactly on the 10th of January 2002, is in line with my so called LASOF (Local A-Symmetrical Oscillating vacuum Frame) boundary predictions, which predict lightspeed variations at small local distances.

This is clearly in contrast with special relativity.
A 4-fold lightspeed variation is supposed to be only possible, if the Ring Laser location (Christchurch NZ : Southern-Latitude: 43 degrees, which is 2 degrees within the maximal LASOF cone) is crossing 4 times a day one of the "LASOF Surface" boundaries, which are constantly in motion, due to the Earth’s rotation and revolution motions.

In summer and winter times, around 21 June and 21 December this seems to be the case for the Ultra-G apparatus, with respect to the recent measurement results.
However due to the orbital change in the rotational axis of the Earth, the number of "Location Crossings" with the LASOF boundaries will become 2 times a days, which is happening according to the measurement results at January 10. As a consequence we may expect, that during each year, the "transition" data which change the daily 4-fold variation into 2-fold frequency variation, will be on the 10th of January and the 10th of July. As a consequence, the "transition" data which change the daily 2-fold variation into 4-fold frequency variation, will be on the 1st of June and the 1st of December:.

The Moon LASOF.

If the Earth has a LASOF the Moon should have also one. If the moons position is exactly in “front or at the backside” of the Earth’s rotational motion around the Sun, the UG-1 Ring Laser in New Zealand, should give a clear “jump” inside the Sagnac signal for a period of several hours Sun. This will happen First and Last quarter position of the Moon, when located within the ecliptic plane. This happened for instance on 31 august 2002. (The Stedman Team is not prepared and willing to show their other measurements to me , however someday they have to publish these facts.)
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The Earthly LASOF or E-LASOF double cone.

In spite of all the "one-way tests of light speed isotropy" made in history, which are all consistent with Special Relativity, it is obvious that these experiments does not account for "non-isotropic light speed bubbles" on both sides of the Earth, or the "photon transition" within 1 cm mentioned before.

According to this model, the Earth is cruising through a Solar centered oscillating vacuum lattice frame. This vacuum lattice is connected to the Sun, by the influence of Two so called "Stellar Anchor Black Holes" (SABHs) located on both sides of the planetary plane at about 1 light year distance of the sun.

It is postulated that in the neighborhood of mass concentrations (e.g. the Earth), the speed of the photonic wavefunction expands a-symmetrically relative to this Solar reference frame in a complex non-isotropic way. ( see before: "Microscopic Amplitude Variation, the origin of the constancy of the speed of light")

As a consequence, the Earth in motion relative to the Solar reference frame, is equipped with its own mimicked (imperfect) reference frame, which is supposed to have a complex form based on a Double Cone or hyperboloid. This Double Cone we will call: the "Earthly- Local A-Symmetric Oscillating vacuum Frame" (E-LASOF).

The summits of the two cones of the double cone, are supposed to coincide with the center of the earth. The Cone summit angles are supposed to be 90 degrees which is based on recent Sagnac Interferometer "Ring Laser Project" measurements in Canterbury university (Christchurch, New Zealand = 43 degrees latitude South) . Inside these cones it is supposed that the speed of light is constant within the limits of the so called "extinction distance" (described before ) in all directions, related to the geometry of the double cones, and not related to the ROTATING Earthly surface. Outside these Double Cones it is supposed that the Solar vacuum reference frame (or S-LASOF) must be accounted for with an exception for an Earthly cylindrical volume with the same diameter as the Earth and connecting the two E-LASOF cones.

The major symmetry axis of the E- LASOF double cone and the cylinder, is always pointing parallel with the direction of the Earthly orbital motion around the sun. One cone of the E-LASOF is located at the front-, and one cone is located at the backside of the Earth relative to the orbital motion. As a consequence, the E-LASOF Double Cone is supposed to intersect the Earthly surface by two giant circular LASOF SURFACES. Due to the top angle (90 degrees) of the LASOF double cones, the circular LASOF SURFACES will have a diameter of ¼ of the planet circumference.

"A-symmetric oscillating" in a E-LASOF, means that the Higgs-virgin vacuum particle oscillations measured in different lattice directions, have a different anti-symmetric spiraling/sinusoidal form related to the time-base.

The Inter shaped cylindrical area around the Earth, connecting the double cone, is supposed to have is supposed to have ONLY lightspeed isotropy with the double cones into the direction parallel with the main double cone axis. This is the reason why it should be possible to measure the speed of the Earth in the reference frame of the Sun by GPS "one-way" signal speed difference measurements (see 4 tests) if these GPS spacecraft s are in positions outside the E-LASOF.

The Solar LASOF or S-LASOF.

The Solar LASOF is supposed to have an REVERSED double cone form. The Solar LASOF should be interpreted as reversed double coned reference frame which is locally fixed to its so-called "Stellar Anchor black hole" system. In this model we may call this: the solar dual anchor black hole system, which has the form of a dumbbell, with reversed double coned LASOFs in between the black holes. As a consequence, The LASOF of the Earth is acting within the Solar LASOF. In YOUNG stars, the Solar anchor black holes (SABHs) are spotted and described as "glowing caps" or "bow shocks" at the end of the dual jets, see: HH 34, http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap991129.html . We noticed, that in DYING stars (in Planetary nebula) these anchor black holes are also often visible as bipolar bow shocks , see M2-9: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap990321.html

It is supposed, that the E-LASOF is the main reason why so called first order (one way) light velocity measurements with the Global Positioning System are only accurate, if the measurement direction from the Satellites is directed more or less perpendicular to the Earth surface. GPS Measurement directions which have a small Earth surface angle become often inefficient, mainly due to the distortion of the light speed represented by the absence of LASOF perpendicular to the orbit direction of the Earth around the Sun. As a result, the orbital velocity of the Earth around the sun relative to the solar reference frame, should be measurable by future one way velocity experiments of the GPS. (The so called Sagnac effect which is originated by the Earth rotation itself, is already converted in the GPS system)

Just like the Canterbury Sagnac Ring Laser project results ( http://www.phys.canterbury.ac.nz/research/ring_laser/ring_2000_html [Broken] ), GPS Satellite High precision time comparison "one-way" light speed experiments show periodic (light speed) variations. These variations are mentioned as a "problem", and "insufficient agreement in results", which "remain to be settled" see:[4].(Saburi, IEEE, IM 25, no 4 dec 1976, pp. 475). Saburi concluded: "Thus two problems , the existence of small and periodic variations and an insufficient agreement in results, remain to be settled".

As a consequence, this model is in MEASURABLE DISCORDANCE with Einstein’s Special relativity which says that light will always travel at a constant rate, regardless of the frame of reference. The Higgs-virgin oscillating LASOF influenced cosmos mimics most –but not all- the predictions of special- and general relativity, which lead to several realistic falsifying or supporting tests for this model.

Stellar aberration.

The well known "Stellar aberration experiment" made by Bradley (1725!) is supporting the double coned form of the LASOF of the Earth. Bradley measured the stellar aberration of a star perpendicular to the propagation direction of the Earth, thus it was not influenced by the LASOF. If the LASOF had a globular volume around the Earth, then the Bradley telescope angle measurement results would have been different.

Outside the-LASOF area, besides the moving Earth, the Solar LASOF reference frame is supposed to be unchanged. At these locations, so called "one-way signal speed" measurements between two GPS satellites, made in a direction parallel with propagation of the Earth around the Sun, should be able to prove the difference of the light speed, in agreement with the velocity of the Earth through the Solar reference frame. References: [2] (Phys.Rev.Letters. vol 1, no 9, 1958, p.342-343, [3] Journal of the Optical Society of America, 1964,v 54,no,2 p.147-151.

Anti-relativity GPS "one way" light speed test, outside the "LASOF Double cone".

One of the future experiments to check this model is based on the prediction, that it should be possible to measure "some" influence (more influence that D. Miller measured) of the speed of the Earth through the Solar vacuum reference frame by special "one way" GPS signaling speed measurements. This experiment has to be done more or less outside the influence of the so called "LASOF Double Cone" or "Local a-symmetric Oscillating vacuum Frame" (see: LASOF Double Cone below), which is originated by the interaction of the Earth with the oscillating vacuum lattice. The Solar vacuum frame is supposed to be anchored around the sun, and is not rotating around the sun relative to the galaxy center.

This experiment can be done, by measuring the difference in the signaling speed between two GPS satellites, at the moment that these satellites are able to exchange signals, in the up or down (vacuum wind) direction of the motion of the Earth (30 km/sec.) around the sun. Thus it is proposed to measure the signal speed difference between two GPS satellites, in a direction which is chosen more or less PARALLEL with the axis of the Earthly propagation around the sun, to check the influence on the measurement of the speed of the Earth (30 km/second) relative to the Solar reference frame.

Local Potential Spacetime.

Gravity influences the local oscillation pattern and oscillatory energy of vacuum particles and thus the decrease of time rate. The oscillations are responsible for the jittering pattern of mass carrying particles by constant collisions, and thus for the exact ticking rate of atom clocks. It is now reasonable to accept, that a fast moving clock will decrease its time rate according to the general relativity rules, by its absolute speed through the universal vacuum frame. This frame has local properties, which are influenced by massive objects and black holes. This is supposed to be the real base for the solution of the so called Twin paradox. The astronaut who is accelerating away and is coming back to his twin brother, (who does not accelerate in the universal reference frame), will have a decreased time rate relative to his twin brother.. Consequently the local oscillation quality of vacuum particles together with the absolute speed of a mass through the universal vacuum reference frame, is the origin of local time, which is mimicking the relativity rules.
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Base Element

You are aware of course that the lightest mass element is Hydrogen, which is the base element at this present phase of the Universe. It is the fact that there has been no recorded decay of Protons (Hydrogen Nulceus), this can be seen as a correspondence to the Speed of Light.

Hydrogen being responsible for the whole distribution for light energy in the Universe. PROTONS travel at the maximum speed, because Hydrogen is the Lightest Element, this can be corralated to the Speed of energy distribution, or the physical speed of light, is by fact of Hydrogen is the Fastest Element in the Universe.

Constant speed of light is dictated by the Constant phase of Proton stability, gauged by the Proton Phase distribution.

A lighter Element than Hydrogen would mean a faster distribution of Mass throughout the Universe, so where do you see these lighter elements?
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I was not aware that I predicted a lighter element.
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Originally posted by Leo
I was not aware that I predicted a lighter element.

Then it may be that you are not familiar with your proposed theory? for if I quote you here:That there was no “broken symmetry” in the Big Bang Process and as a result, our universe is “non local” correlated with one or more distant and spatial separated Anti-Mirror Symmetrical COPY Universes, filled with Anti-Matter and with ANTI-MIRROR= OPPOSITE RUNNING time: clocks will run over there literally anti-clockwise.

Non-Local correlation is supposed to act timeless between dual anti-mirror copy particles living in separated anti-mirror copy universes. Subtle phase shifts or floatation between these dual correlated anti-mirror copy particles are supposed to be the origin of the choice between which is the observer and which is the observed particle. The absolute first particle that changes its “eigenstate” by a real collision event, is supposed to be the trigger (observer) for the other anti-mirror copy particle to do the opposite.

It may be that as I read all of your above posts, I somehow got lost in the overall depth of what you were conveying, a fine overall hypotheses I must add.

Back to the above quote, and particulary this:The absolute first particle that changes its “eigenstate” by a real collision event, is supposed to be the trigger (observer) for the other anti-mirror copy particle to do the opposite.

Do you agree that OUR Universe is in a Hydrogen Phase?..if so then you must agree that the anti-universe is in a different phase, a different phase that is made from Elements that are lighter than Hydrogen.

Experiments have shown that ANTI-HYDROGEN is a good place to start for CPT:http://cerncourier.com/main/article/42/9/1

The crux of the problem is that if there is correlation, and the 'clocks' are running backwards in the Anti-universe, this would totally rule out any correlation whatsoever, the Universe and its counter Anti-universe must be PHASE COMPATABLE, or Equivilent.
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You wrote:

Do you agree that OUR Universe is in a Hydrogen Phase?..if so then you must agree that the anti-universe is in a different phase, a different phase that is made from Elements that are lighter than Hydrogen.

Experiments have shown that ANTI-HYDROGEN is a good place to start for CPT:http://cerncourier.com/main/article/42/9/1

The crux of the problem is that if there is correlation, and the 'clocks' are running backwards in the Anti-universe, this would totally rule out any correlation whatsoever, the Universe and its counter Anti-universe must be PHASE COMPATABLE, or Equivilent.

It could be that you did not understand that inside our EPR correlated anti-mirror universe everything is the same but however also anti-chiral! Only very small "floatations" are needed to choose between observer and observed particles.

I assume that even the vacuum must have chirallity, as the origin of our matterial universe, so the opposite (anti-matter) universal vacuum should have anti-chirallity.

Thus hydrogen masses are the same here and over there.

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Humans and the Cosmic Law of Free choice between Hatred and Forgivingness .

We humans are quantum mechanical systems, who are only able to follow the quantum mechanical rules of the Universe, which we merely partly know and understand. Consequently we have to search and innovate these rules to find out who we are, and how reality can be described ontologically . Our understanding of the world is restricted by an ontological gap, between scientific language and reality, therefore we have to search for a bridge. This paper is an attempt to describe possible outlines of that bridge.

It is postulated, that the basic features of the Universe must be of a type that allows the evolution of dual mirror symmetric, EPR correlated observers outside the "system", which means that "we and elementary particles" are always correlated by "instantaneous action at-a-distance" acting between dual correlated universes. If we take a Chiral Quantum Mechanical Universe as a "system", then The Universe that we know is only a half-truth, without a "broken symmetry", and we should have a mutual observer- and guiding relation with at least one spatial separated anti-mirror Universe.

Consequently, the so called "superposition- and collapse events" in the universe are only the half truth, all these events are based on "instantaneous information flow" called "actions at a distance" or "Big Bang entanglement " between at least two spatial separated events in different universes. Even if we measure a collapse event in the laboratory between "local" related particles in an EPR experiment, which is also supposed to have an instantaneous non-local collapse relation, this dual universal "BB entanglement" should be also present on top of it.

Then I suggest that each elementary particle is instantaneous observed and/or guided without the time for "reflection", by its distant shadow anti-particle in our dual anti-mirror Universe. The difference with human choices is supposed to be, that humans are equipped with enough time for reflection (retarded EPR correlation or retarded Big Bang entanglement ) to develop what we call Free Will by Vetoing urges and intentions (Benjamin Libet), and become aware of moral differences, and even altruism and forgivingness.

Consequently if this increase in reflection time is related to the evolutionary increase of complexity of cells, the goal of human evolution seems to be the creation of moral awareness, made by animate dual synchronized logic quantum computers with enough time for "reflection", like our dual synchronized brains.

The Cosmic Law seems to be, that we are only free to VETO our deterministic urges and intentions and only Free to VETO those urges based on egoistic or Altruistic awareness. However it is supposed that we never will be able to prove some kind of relation between our life after dead and the way we have managed to become "moral aware" and were able to choose for egoism or altruism, for hatred or forgivingness, as described in the bible. If we could prove such a relation, we would not have this RESTRICTED VETOING FREE WILL any more.

Thus: Descarte’s: "I think therefore I am" should change into: "I am a QM system, which is always non-local instantaneous EPR correlated, and in competition for Free Will by VETOING the choices of my opposite anti-I, living in a dual anti-mirror universe, therefore We are! We are dual co-authors of our common life".

Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking explains in "A Brief History of Time":

"We could still imagine that there is a set of laws that determines events completely for some supernatural being, who could observe the present state of the universe without disturbing it. However, such models of the universe are not of much interest to us mortals. It seems better to employ the principle known as Occam’s razor and cut all the features of the theory which cannot be observed"

I think we could change Hawking’s statement a little. If we change "for some supernatural being" into "by EPR non local instantaneous correlation" between dual anti-mirror universes with a chiral vacuum, then this model is of real interest to us mortals. However probably we need modern mathematical stuff like Operator algebra, Poisson manifolds, K-theory, Lie-groupoids, Lie-algebroids, and von Neumann algebra’s, etc. to prove these ideas.

Successful experiments carried out to test the famous "Bell theorem" (e.g. A. Aspect 1982) demonstrated that Quantum Mechanics is Non-Local. It is demonstrated that there is "instantaneous action at-a-distance" between events that have a common cause, and the Bell theorem only applies to events that have a common cause. If the Big Bang is true, then Bell’s theorem may imply that everything that ever originated in the Big Bang maintains its so called EPR correlation which has to be also "instantaneous action at-a-distance". Consequently on top of the contemporary rules of physics, I suggest that there was no "broken symmetry" after the Big Bang, and EPR correlations left over from the Big Bang are still guiding us and even all elementary particles in our Universe, which is instantaneous non-local EPR correlated with at least one synchronized identical real anti-mirror Universe.

These universes has to be spatially separated and are supposed to be each others "observers". The oscillating quantum vacuum is supposed to play a crucial role, in the origin of matter or anti-matter, energy, mass, gravity and the deterministic role of non-local correlated forms of particles . God really plays dice with real 3-D formed dice: the quarks, leptons and bosons which are supposed to posses real physical 3-D form at the moment they interact. Nature is by these 3-D particle forms (which could be interpreted as a kind of hidden variables) fully deterministic combined with real random collision of particles, for non DNA based matter. Animate matter is semi deterministic, it seems to have more or less the possibility of choice by veto action (or reflection) due to a sort of retarded transactional EPR correlation between dual copy universes.

Vigier-Bohm, and Salam ideas.

This model combines two different quantum mechanical ideas, suggested by David Bohm and Jean Paul Vigier described in: "Infinite potentials, the time and lives of David Bohm" (1996) by D. Peat : Quotations: 1, "D. Bohm argued, that the quantum potential (also dubbed pilot wave) guides the electron in a non-mechanical way. In this paper I will use this idea which may be compared with: "Big Bang entanglement". 2, J.P.Vigier favored explaining the process in terms of some sort of underlying mechanism as an energetic sub-quantum fluid "pushing the electron around" . {In this new Physical model, I will call this sub-quantum fluid the energetic oscillating "Higgs-virgin vacuum"} . 3, Abdus Salam considered together with Jogesh Pati, in 1974 that Quarks and Leptons are made out of 8 compound Preons (4 chromons, and 4 Flavons).
If quarks and leptons (neutrinos excluded) are able to absorb directional energy from the vacuum, they should have knowledge at any time about their speed and direction in space. The solution this new model suggests is: to re-introduce the not so weird idea of universal symmetry by postulating the idea of the existence of synchronized "Dual anti mirror Universes", which are EPR correlated which is coined: "Big Bang entangled down to the Planck scale".

As a consequence, the second law of thermodynamics has to be interpreted as to be valid only at the same time in both Universes. Everything, even YOURSELF, has to be interpreted as non Cartesian DUALLY EXISTENT. The Cartesian "Cogito Ergo Sum" "I think therefore I am" has to be changed into: " I am a QM system, which is always non-local instantaneous EPR correlated, and in alternate time competition for free will with my opposite anti-I: We think by alternate doubt, therefore We are! (alternating non marionettes) see TESTS, Libet)

As a consequence, this model points into the direction of a Universe, that is at the same time MECHANISTIC, by oscillating colliding and spinning real non-zero sized particles , and HOLISTIC, by Big Bang Entanglement (BBE) acting at different levels of existence from particles up to humans.
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Originally posted by Leo

If quarks and leptons (neutrinos excluded) are able to absorb directional energy from the vacuum, they should have knowledge at any time about their speed and direction in space. The solution this new model suggests is: to re-introduce the not so weird idea of universal symmetry by postulating the idea of the existence of synchronized "Dual anti mirror Universes", which are EPR correlated which is coined: "Big Bang entangled down to the Planck scale".

As a consequence, the second law of thermodynamics has to be interpreted as to be valid only at the same time in both Universes. Everything, even YOURSELF, has to be interpreted as non Cartesian DUALLY EXISTENT. The Cartesian "Cogito Ergo Sum" "I think therefore I am" has to be changed into: " I am a QM system, which is always non-local instantaneous EPR correlated, and in alternate time competition for free will with my opposite anti-I: We think by alternate doubt, therefore We are! (alternating non marionettes) see TESTS, Libet)

As a consequence, this model points into the direction of a Universe, that is at the same time MECHANISTIC, by oscillating colliding and spinning real non-zero sized particles , and HOLISTIC, by Big Bang Entanglement (BBE) acting at different levels of existence from particles up to humans.

Are we considering the Holographic Extraction Principle?

The two(theroized) Universe's collide, become ENTANGLED(for anything that evolves 'within' a future of the said event)the Universe's do not bounce off each other, but each Extracts information duallistically, and Holographic Entanglement becomes the Expansion (not an explosion)..the many Entangled States evolve in 'sync', as one observer is holographically bound to ONE Universe, he/she/it actually passes through the OPPOSITE UNIVERSE, as an independant Observer?:wink:
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We are not considering that. sorry.


Suggested for: QM mimics Relativity in an EPR guided symmetrical Universe

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