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QM or quantum chemistry?

  1. May 21, 2012 #1
    I'm a chemical engineering major and I have to take one of these. Is QM more theory heavy or are they about the same in that regard? I am leaning more towards QM. my only exposure so far has been with the "modern physics" part of general physics
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    Whats the quantum chemistry course cover? Those can vary a lot from pure quantum, to computational chem, to spectroscopy, etc, etc.

    Most likely though, regardless, my answer would be the same. If youve only taken modern physics take the quantum mechanics course.
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    OP, I find it confusing that you have this choice. Quantum chemistry should usually require that you already have a solid understanding of quantum mechanics as prerequisite. It is an advanced topic dealing with many-body quantum mechanics, and how this can be made to work in realistic systems.
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    The class is physical chemistry but I hear everyone refer to it as quantum chemistry, my bad. The first semester of pchem deals with quantum mechanics. Not sure how it compares with the physics version.
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    The way its taught will depend amazingly on the instructor.

    Do you know what book they use? Now that I know its p chem, I'd more heavily lean towards taking quantum mechanics.
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