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Qm probability, energy density and curvature

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    In qm the intensity (energy density) of an EM wave is compared to
    the probability of finding a particle at a certain position in space
    at a certain time.For a particle that isn't moving, according to general relativity,
    Too = energy density and energy density gives curvature of space time.

    So can the curvature of space-time be related to the probability of
    one particle being at a certain distance from another?
    Would a particle be most likely to be found where the curvature of
    space-time is greatest?
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    This is very ambitious, you are taking results out of QM and apply them (or compare them with) general relativity.

    If I were you, consult this person... :biggrin:

    PS : I think your question will have the answer that such connections cannot be made, so forget about it... :smile:


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    You can say Gravitation instead Curvature. The case with the random gravitational fields or the random curved space was discuss here and here was the reference to arXiv papers. I cannot remember now this number.
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