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QM reality Question

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    Does something in QM suggests that "everything is happening, here/now at once? Is there any evidence to prove it? (quantum reality)

    I saw a video about it on the internet, I will not post the source, because I think it is pseudoscience, but he confirmed that QM proves it..lol

    Please, I don't want to spread nonesense, I'm just asking a question, answer me .. yes (there is a experiment that suggests it.) no (there is no single evidence)
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    It's BS,

    All QM is, is a theory about observations. Those observations are described by a generalised probability model that's very reasonable for describing physical systems without giving the details. It's silent about what's going on when not observed.

    That's it, that's all. All the other stuff is utter sensationalist BS.

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    This is the experiment that you're looking for:

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