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Qn regarding clocks and voltage

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    urgent qn regarding clocks and voltage

    this is a very URGENT qn that i nid to know the answer in order to get working on my physics proj. we are supposed to calibrate or make an instrument and our grp chose to make a projection clock. so apparently, since it is a projection clock, the time on the clock has to run in reverse direction in order for the projected image to turn out upright and normal. i tried using different voltages for the clock (normally it's 1.5 volts using one AA battery).at 1.5V, the clock ran normally. at 2V, it was still normal. bu at 4 V, the clock hands were running in reverse direction! this is exactly what i want but can someone explain why this happened? i tried this on a bigger clock but this clock had no alarm. for this clock, at 4V, the seconds hand jus ticked back and forth continuously. why is this so? why does an increase in voltage cause the clock hands to run in reverse direction?
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