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Homework Help: Qns on boolean algebra

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    hi all

    ive got a short qns on boolean algebra. heres the qns

    x+yz+x'y= (x+x')(x+y)+yz

    this is just a small part of the eqn i do not understand. how does x+x'y become (x+x')(x+y)??? i dont seem to be able to apply any other laws that lead to this.

    thanks in advance!
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    You can use absorption to replace x with x(x+y) and add xx' since it's equal to 0 to get

    x+x'y = x(x+y) + x'x + x'y = x(x+y) + x'(x+y) = (x+x')(x+y)

    Seems kind of a roundabout way to show x+x'y = x+y.
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