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QP For Noobs - resources?

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    Hi all, I just registered here as a resource for study with this intriguing subject.

    Just a little to introduce myself, I'm an Anesthesiologist working mostly in pain management and just getting my feet wet with CTM, or Chinese Traditional Medicine (vast amounts to learn for me there in cell reception and protein uptake & manufacturing, as well as how it can build "muscle memory" for the human body and it's molecular reactions to constant inputs from positive or negative environments).

    I became interested in Anesthesia after being shot three times in the Gulf while on active duty in the Marine Corps as an Officer. I suffered from 2 vertebrae fractures, a knee replacement, and broken toes and heel bones, so finding non-chemical ways of pain management was my new passion, and became enough of an interest to actually go back to school and start giving the "gift" of pain relief back to others.

    I initially came across this subject when I was with a profound interest in knowing what actually "happens" to the brain when we knock someone out (where do they "go"), and then I started to expand into the arenas of humans and consciousness - and how this higher order of thought process with regard to Quantum Physics is involved in it. A co-worker actually said he saw a movie about the same subject a while back, but says it was an obscure documentary covering much more from Religion to an Electrostatic field around objects, but could not recall the title. Likewise, googling the subject is just MASSIVE and could take a decade to just sort through the pages found on the subject.

    I'm glad someone put together a forum for Quantum Physics and I hope to be bumping off ideas, thoughts, and ramblings to the members here. The few threads I have read already seem to hold a lot of information, and should keep me fed for quite some time.

    Since I'm going to be the FNG here for while, I thought I'd start by asking if anyone can supply me with some points of interest, books, videos, websites or any other areas I can study with in my free time, as well as if anyone knows of members in the Denver area, or seminars that I can attend that would be close. Any other points for the "Noob" would be a great starting block for me.

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    Welcome to PF.

    I'd like to take the time to mention that this forum is actually not an appropriate place for "bumping off ideas, thoughts, and ramblings." We do not, in fact, permit personal theories or idle speculation here, as per our posting guidelines. This forum is dedicated to a discussion of academically accepted, mainstream quantum physics. This does not extend to topics like Chinese medicine, consciousness, or anything of the sort. The truth is that virtually of the so-called research that supposes a confluence of quantum physics and consciousness is garbage.

    If you'd like to have discussions here, please keep the following rule of thumb in mind: If you can't find it in a standard quantum mechanics textbook, it likely will not be welcome here.

    Our posting guidelines can be found here:


    - Warren
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    Thanks for the speedy reply,

    You can delete this post - After reviewing the thread you listed, I believe I made an error in posting here to start with. Like I said, it is a "new" subject to me, and I'll look into other arenas for research before posting back here.
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    We appreciate your cooperation.

    - Warren
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