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Qpsk modulation

  1. Sep 22, 2007 #1
    I need help with modulation techniques.
    If I have a sequence I want to transmit, and need to be modulated, how do I know its length? :
    I know the time duration of the sequence=t => t/T(carrier period)=number of cycles per sequence.

    (number_cycles_per_sequence/number_periods_per_symbol)*number_bit_per_symbol = total number of bits per sequence.

    1) So, now my question is, how do I decide the value of number_periods_per_symbol?
    I guess I also need this value for the symbol clock when demodulation, no?

    2) when I create modulation - I modulate the sequence of bits. How long will take each 2 bits (one symbol=2 bits for qpsk)? that's exactly the question in 1, right? - deciding number_periods_per_symbols?

    So this value I guess must be somewhere in the formula for creating the qpsk modulation?
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