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Quad 741 op amp as unity gain amp help needed

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    I have single 741 op amps running as unity gain amps and they work fine but when I tried to use a quad 741 op amp (LM348n) with the same config as the single 741 (short the inverting input to the Vout), the results are not correct.

    Can anyone provide a chip id and wiring config for a quad 741 op amp so that the 4 op amps run as unity gain amps?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Can you describe what happens? Are you sure you have the pinout correct? Do you have decoupling capacitors across from each power supply pin to ground? What power supply voltages are you using, and what is the voltage range of the input voltages? What load are the outputs driving?
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    I just soldered up a new chip and repeated my wiring and everything works fine. I must have burned my previous chip at some point.

    Thanks for your reply.
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