Quadratic equation solving

1. Suppose y = bx^2 +cx + a
a.) in terms of a, b, and c, what values of x make y=0?

b.) if a=3.1, b= -2.2 and c=-4.3 evaluate those solutions to 3 significant digits:

2. Relevant equations

3. Im not really sure how to solve for what the question is asking for in part a, and for part b do I just plug those values into a quadratic formula for an answer? Any help is appreciated
Re: y=bx^2+cx+a

for part 'b', you would want to use the quadratic formula.


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Re: y=bx^2+cx+a

Part a is really very similar to part b, it is just a much more general case, which applies to any constants a, b and c. It is basically saying that for any given constants, what are the solutions to the equation:

bx^2 +cx + a = 0

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