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Quadratic equations and inequalities / applications of quadratic functions question

  1. Nov 18, 2007 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    find two numbers whose sum is 20 and whose product is a maximum.

    2. Relevant equations
    the first number is X
    the second number is 20-x

    3. The solution
    -X^2+ 20x=0
    x=-b/2a = -20/2(-1) = 10
    20 - x =20 -10 = 10

    the numbers are 10 and 10

    i just dont get why / how you know to put x and 20 - x and why you would use the axis of symmetry to find the numbers

    and sry mods i posted originally in the wrong thread.
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    From the problem statement you have 2 numbers which sum to 20, that is x and 20-x.

    It should be obvious that ( x )+ (20 -x) = 20 so you have represented the 2 numbers in general. Now you need to find when the product x(20-x) is a maximum.

    Now if you were in a calculus class you would take the derivitive and set it to zero. Since you are not doing this I will have to assume that you are not in calculus. You have the problem of finding the maximum of the parabola, using properties of a parabola. The maximum will lie on the axis of symetry of the parabola, so all you need do is find the point on the parabola which lies on the symetry axis.
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    not in calc but next year trig then pre and then calc
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    X(20-X)=0 is not true. You have the function 20X- X2 which is a parabola with maximum value at its vertex. You can find the (X,Y) coordinates of the vertex by completing the square.
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