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Homework Help: Quadratic formula

  1. Oct 13, 2009 #1
    Using the quadratic formula, solve the distance:

    x= distance needed to solve (also our y value in the formula)

    A= .5*k

    B= -m*g*sin(30)

    C= -m* g* d*sin(30)

    k= 3000
    m= 5

    I get 48.13, but it says that im wrong. what does everyone else get?
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    I can't see that what you've posted makes any sense. The distance from what to what? How are A, B, and C related to x? What is y in your formula? What formula?

    Please post the exact problem description.
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    You title this "quadratic formula" and say "Using the quadratic formula" but there is NO quadratic formula in your post.

    You say "x= distance needed to solve (also our y value in the formula)" and then give a list of formulas and values, none of which mention "x" or "y"!

    WHAT is the question, really?
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