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Quadratic function help

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    Quadratic function...help!!!


    I have an exam (next week) on quadratic functions!!! (10th grade) Any online websites where I can practice?I need problematic situations(there's a problem - you analyze - calculate stuff,etc).... By the way, I'm studying in a FRENCH HIGH SCHOOL, therefore the exercises *SHOULD* be in French....

    Thanks !!!

    P.S.: It's an enriched math course, I'd be better if the website provides tougher questions...

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    Re: Quadratic function...help!!!

    I've never taken math in French, sorry. I assume the letters are the same, though.
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    Re: Quadratic function...help!!!

    Well...can you suggest any english site? I'll try to "translate it" in french.

    Yes, you're right, the letters are obviously the same.

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    Re: Quadratic function...help!!!

    The math is exactly the same. Practice exercises in English. I guess you don't have problem in understanding the French used for small-word problems.
    Otherwise you're more asking a book to teach you French and not maths.
    Nevertheless if you're interested I found you a French math forum : http://forums.futura-sciences.com/mathematiques-college-lycee/. You might want to check out posts related to quadratic functions.
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    Re: Quadratic function...help!!!

    Thanks for the link fluidistic. By the way, my math teacher has a weird habit of writing tricky questions where most of the times students make errors by not properly analyzing the text (questions/problems)...Otherwise, french isn't a problem.

    BTW, I won't mind any english sites..i just want to see if i can properly find solutions to the problems. :)
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