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Homework Help: Quadratic story problem help

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    Um I don't get this problem, can someone help me get through this step by step plz.

    Air Travel ... A Cessna flies 600 mi at a certain speed. A Beechcraft flies 1000 mi at a speed that is 50 mph fster, but it takes 1 hr longer. Find the speed of each plane ???
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    Why don't you start by writing equations relating the speed of the invidiual planes and their repective distance and time taken in relation to each other?
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    I don't how ... if I can write the equation I can probably solve it. Its suppose to be a duaradratic but I don't get how ???
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    Start with distance = rate * time.
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    Never mind, I found someone to help ...
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    Cessna and Beechcraft need two row; a row for each.
    Rate, Time, Distance each need a column. Fill in expressions according to your description. Your unknown speed seems to be that of the Cessna, so that is your variable. For simplification purposes, "speed" is the same as "Rate" for this problem description (which is not always correct).
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    Feel free to post your result, then, as well.
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