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Quadrature encoder

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    I have one quadrature encoder with A- A+ and B- B+ Signal, but my driver is a single-ended encoder channel?
    Can i just connect either the A+ and B+ or A_ and B- signal to the single-ended encoder channel?
    Please advise.
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    Could you please post more details? You don't drive an encoder.
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    Now i have a motor with quadrate encoder from MicroE-Mecury Model 1510-S with A- A+ and B- B+ Signal, and i want use my Advanced motion controller (BE15A8) to drive the motor. From the driver its only have Single-ended encoder A and B. So can i just connect the A+ and B+ from the encoder direct to the controller?

    Beside that is it possible direct connect the encoder signal to amotion controller and didnt go through the driver? Please advise. Thanks
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    the + and - means that the signals are differential pairs

    to me it sounds like it is possible to use it by connecting the - pairs to your encoder... someone sent this to me, i hope that it can help you
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    For as far as I can reproduce from your information, you have an dual channel encoder. Basicly this means channel A and B are shifted a few degrees from eachother. In this way, you can determine the rotation direction (clockwise or counterclockwise).

    Try powering the encoder and see if you can get a pulse signal from either A+ and A- or B+ and B-. Theres some deviation in the logic signals you get from an encoder, but experience tells me hooking up A+ and A- to an osciliscope should do the trick.
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