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Homework Help: Quadrilateral angles problem

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    Hi, can someone please help me out? I need to know if I can draw any conclusions from the following.

    There is a quadrilateral such that two 'opposite' internal angles are 90 degrees. Is there anything that I can say about the line segment joining the two vertices of the quadrilateral which correspond to the other two internal angles? The 'other' vertices being the ones whose corresponding internal angle is not 90 degrees.
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    What exactly do you mean by opposite? Can you sketch a diagram? I had a post typed out before but your meaning is ambiguous so I deleted it.
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    In any case, the sum of the other two angles is 180 degrees.

    And, if by opposite, you mean that the two angles have one forming side in common, then the figure becomes a trapezium.
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    I meant opposite as in the vertices I referred to were not formed by sides which are adjacent. Nevermind though, I figured out a way to do the problem I was working on without working using bisection of internal angles. Thanks anyway.
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    Yes, there is something very specific that can be said about this line segment.

    Do you want to post your result here so we may be able to help further ?

    Edit : Nevermind. It looks like this was part of another problem that you were working on.
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