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Homework Help: Quadrupole moment?

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    quadrupole moment??

    The problem basically states that there are three point charges: q, -2q, q, placed along the z-axis at: a, 0, -a. The problem asks to find the monopole moment, dipole moment and quadrupole moment. I've been able to get the first to, but I have no idea how to go about getting the quadrupole moment. Tge prof never really explained it, so can someone please explain what the quadrupole moment matrix is....
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    These links may help

    http://orca.phys.uvic.ca/~tatum/elmag/em3.pdf [Broken] - pdf file
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    Meir Achuz

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    For a collection of point charges, the quadrupole moment is defined as
    Q=Sum_i{q_i r_i^2 [3cos^2(theta_i)-1]/2}.
    For your case, theta is either 0 or 180.
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    Thank you both:):)
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