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Quadrupole moment

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    In wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrupole

    Is this [tex]\delta_{i,j}[/tex] Kronecker delta?

    In my notebook I have relation:


    When direction of external field are the direction of symmetry axis [tex]Q=Q_0[/tex].

    In which book I can find more about this?
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    Meir Achuz

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    [tex]\delta_{i,j}[/tex] is the Kronecker delta.
    The relation from your notebook is not quite right. It should be
    for a symmetric quadrupole aligned along the z (or 3) axis, having quadrupole moment Q_0.
    There is a full discussion of quadrupoles in Section 2.4 of Franklin, "Classical Electromagnetism" (AW.com).
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    Thanks! :smile:
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    I found that in "Non relativistic quantum mechanics" of Landau. There is formulation:

    where [tex]n_i,n_j[/tex] are components of unit vector [tex]\vec{n}[/tex].
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    My formula is the reduction of Landau's when the unit vector n is in the z direction.
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