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Quality of undergraduate Bioengineering programs.

  1. Sep 21, 2009 #1
    From what I understand, bioengineering (as opposed to biomedical engineering) is a very new undergraduate program/major. For example, I think Caltech only started their undergraduate bioengineering "option" (major) this year. How are the qualities of these programs? I only have one data point so far, but someone on this forum said that in his/her experience, many bioengineering programs try to teach you both biology and engineering, but they fail at making the student master either. From some readings on this and perhaps other forums, it seems that many very new engineering programs suffer from being unfocused and just...bad.

    I'm specifically interested in Caltech, Columbia, UC Berkeley and Stanford's programs, but any other university's information (or information in general) would be greatly appreciated.
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