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Quals: books?

  1. Jan 19, 2008 #1
    I need to learn optics, SR and continuum mechanics for my physics qual exam in June. Can anyone suggest some books that would be appropriate for self study?
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    For the optics portion, Hecht's Optics should contain material at an adequate level. Other books at a similar level include Pedrotti[tex]$^3$[/tex]'s Introduction to Optics, and Fowles's Introduction to Modern Optics. (Fowles might be a bit thin to use as your sole reference, but it's cheap, so it's worth picking up to supplement either Hecht or Pedrotti.) At a slightly more difficult level is Saleh & Teich's Fundamentals of Photonics, and at a much more difficult level is Born & Wolf's classic tome, Principles of Optics. (Born & Wolf is pretty much the standard reference for researchers in the field.)
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    Doesn't your department have a syllabus? It would be beyond sadistic just to tell you to "learn optics."
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    They do, but it's vague. And they provide sample problems, but they are really pathetic photocopies of photocopies of photocopies of problems that were used in the 40s (some are hand written). I think they try to make the exam extra hard by handing out useless study guides to confuse you.
    I guess I am kidding, but it is kind of bad.
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