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Quanta of the other three forces

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    a photon is the smallest quanta of electromagnetic (em) interaction

    is em an energy field? or is it is a force?

    assuming its a force:

    Is quantum phenomena (such as single particle interference, quantum entanglement) exhibited by the quanta for the remaining three forces.

    (i.e: strong interaction (quarks, gluons), weak interaction and gravity (graviton))

    Note: I am aware of one, i.e. weak interaction (in radioactive decay) there is quantum probabilistic phenomena at play.

    assuming its an energy field:

    would other energy forms such as heat, kinetic energy also have quanta of energy?
    is the em/photon convertible to other forms of energy such as heat etc?

    on a separate note:

    when a electron jumps down an orbit around the nucleus its emits a photon.

    thus a photon is the energy difference between the two orbits.....it must be convertible to other energy forms...say heat etc...
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