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Quantifying impact of boost leak on a turbocharged engine

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    Is there a general equation that can be used to determine the impact that a leak of a given size will have on a turbocharged engine?

    For example, if I know the expected boost for a given operating point (air mass through the system, pressure, temperature, etc) and I know the actual boost, can I estimate the size of the leak path, assuming a circular orifice?

    Is this relationship related to expected boost algebraically? For example, if at one operating point I expect 2000mbar of boost, but due to a boost leak in the piping, I'm only receiving 1800 mbar of boost, can I extrapolate that result to estimate my boost reduction at another operating point in which I expect 2400mbar of boost?

    I assume that a straight linear relationship is too easy to hope for, but I was wondering if an equation had been determined for it.


    Edited to add: I've done some searching for papers, etc, but all I can seem to find are tutorials teaching people how to determine whether their turbocharged car has a boost leak; I'm looking to quantify one.
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