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Quantised Conductance

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    HI, I'm carrying out an experiment involving 2 "nanowires" of gold to investigate the quantisation of conductance. Does anyone know of any websites/papers the delve into the fundamentals?. Most papers I have read just go on about STM techniques


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    Thanks anything more introductory out there?
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    Are your wires made by gating 2DEGs or are they grown as wires ? And are you measuring a scattering effect (inter-wire drag) or something else ?

    Can you describe in more detail what your experiment involves ?
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    Basically this is my experiment

    http://www.warwick.ac.uk/~phucbt/Quantum%20Conduction%20step-by-step.pdf [Broken]

    Trouble is I've just realised there is so much theory behind this.. I just don't know how in much depth I need to go.

    What are the important theories behind such an experiment? Where does one begin?

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