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Quantium Physics and beyond

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    Quantium Physics and beyond whats beyond something we will never see with our mind becasue are minds are Quantium we can only find what around us not out of the box. the out come
    if you took a mp3 plaier back to adam and eve and they passed it on and on and so on till 2003
    the mp3 player we had now would look very diffren and if we took that one back to them agian and to a parallel universe and did that over and over and over it proves that numbers go on too the end of time then that states there are infinit solutions to infinit problems and infinit problems to infint solutions so maybe one day we will find it in time and so is everything else even dna so maybe we may find the dna out of the box maybe our dna has something inside like a hidden book!! to the secrects of the universe and whats beyond they we are only supposted to find when we are that advanced so we can go there.
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    Are you being serious or is this a wind up?

    Our minds are quantum? who told you that? which neurophysiologist, psychologist, physicist or even theoretical physicist said that??? How could you possibly prove it? its a purely an untestable hypothesis which seem to have no basis in fact.

    we are aware about synapses and electrical activity in the brain... but are you saying the feeling of "self" or conciousness is quantum? If you are.. you are making one GIANT assumption... one which i feel is flawed at its basic premise...

    Why should a mp3 player taken back in time be any different to the one we hold now (other than age).. you yourself say its taken back in time so therefore it is the same as exists now...

    Have fun

  4. Jan 5, 2004 #3
    Well...consciousness as being described by quantum probabilities can't be ruled out, since we really have no idea what our minds are really made up of.

    Well...in essence, if I get what netcrazy is really trying to say, he is correct. Who knows? Our DNA might be the source code of all life, or a template for the Theory of Everything! But we won't until we discover it. He's theory about an infinite number of problems with an infinite number of solution, I don't get.
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    If numbers go on too the end of time. Then that states there are infinite
    solutions to infinite problems and infinite problems to infant solutions so maybe one day we will find it in time.Zetalimit point therm theroy

    The relevant of time seems two have more points of view then the time zones of consensus time ( each person ), earth time, universal time, edge of time ZETALIMIT ( ZETA = Time ) ( Limit = End of Time factor time space same place ) picture the universe sliding down a string you could go to the end of time inside the universe but not move one inch on the string ,and nothing change, but in time it will reach the zetalimit. The different factors of c or x that control time and are the founding principles a hyper time bubble magnetix or x the accelerations of a magnetic field or frequency to the proper speed of time not c2 but x2 using magnetic fields control the speed of light. A hyper bubble forward or reverse moving inside out and stable magnetic field. Finding the god speed and beyond is in the realm of stop time of all three and the use of a hyper bubble and a hyper threaded gate to align all three. The problem with finding it is a realm of consciousness that we cannot see, we can only find what we see or detected. The other side of quantum physics and is how all the elements are interchangeable and what would we see if are consciousness could go there would be the greatest discovery of the races of or universe the key is magnetic ( the first thing the universe saw). but the amount of energy it would take would be more than just the atomic level or sub-atomic level or weight and to take into consideration the constant of magnetix or multi-dimention drag that forms anti-matter. by timothy harris liverance aka zetalimit
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