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Quantization of energy

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    Why this quantization of energy term occur in quantum mech?

    Why this "quantization of energy" term occur in quantum mech? Is there any real physical example of quantization of energy? or its just a thought? As i know that if a particle is bound in between two potential walls then the energy of the particle is quantized i.e. E<V(x).
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    Energy of electron in atomic orbital is quantized. That is a real physical example.

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    A convenient way to think about 'quantization' of energy is via Planck's constant, h.
    see for example:

    [look for 'h' in the early formulas....]

    So quantum actions are discrete, take place in small 'bumps', are not continuous. Another example is the kinetic energy of photoelectric electrons:


    note the 'h' within the formula.....
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    This is observed experimentally in atomic spectra which show discrete spectral lines associated with discrete energy differences.ä

    And it is derived mathematically via the Schrödinger equation having discrete eigenvalues for bound states. So the discrete energy levels in atomic spectra can be calculated (in most cases numerically)
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