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Quantization of gravity

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    A short but interesting way of using the CMBR to test the quatization of gravity, what do you think ?

    Lawrence M. Krauss (1,2), Frank Wilczek (3) ((1) Arizona State University, (2) Australian National Univeresity, (3) MIT)
    (Submitted on 20 Sep 2013)
    While many aspects of general relativity have been tested, and general principles of quantum dynamics demand its quantization, there is no direct evidence for that. It has been argued that development of detectors sensitive to individual gravitons is unlikely, and perhaps impossible. We argue here, however, that measurement of polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background due to a long wavelength stochastic background of gravitational waves from Inflation in the Early Universe would firmly establish the quantization of gravity.
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    Link to the paper

    I don't expect a detection of anything like that soon, but the idea looks interesting.
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