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Quantization of the nucleus

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    My professor mentioned that the pauli exclusion principle applies to the nucleus. How exactly is the nucleus quantized (the protons and neutrons), and how do the quantization rules apply to it (such as pauli's, hunds, and so on). Also, is this the reason why we dont observed multiple neutrons bound by strong nuclear force?
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    After some Wiki-ing, I found out that all fermions are restricted by the Pauli exclusion priniciple. Do do the energy levels fill the same way as electrons (1s2,2s2,2p6 and so on)? And in what ways are these levels filled with protons and neutrons?
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    Have you tried a search on "nuclear shell model" or something similar? As I recall, the levels 1s, 1p, etc. fill up in a sequence that is somewhat similar to the sequence that atomic electrons follow, but there are significant differences because the shape of the effective potential energy function is different. Nuclear physics textbooks (e.g. Krane) should cover this in detail. (My own understanding is at the level of introductory modern physics textbooks such as Beiser or Taylor/Zafiratos/Dubson.)
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    Are you sure you also know WHY the nuclear levels are different than the atomic? This is essential :-)
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