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Homework Help: Quantized energy and Amplitude

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    Energy and Amplitude of Oscillation

    An atom in a crystal lattice can be regarded as having a mass of 2.0E-26 kg attched to a spring. The frequency of this oscillator is 1.0E13 Hz. What is the amplitude of oscillation if the energy of oscillation is one energy quantum?

    I know E=nhv, here n=1
    so the energy of oscillation=> E=1h(1.0E13 Hz)= 6.626E-21 J

    How does this relate to amplitude? (Energy is proportional to A^2?)
    How does the mass of the atom affect this?
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    Hi Quelsita,

    If it is modelled as a spring, then yes, the total energy is proportional to the square of the amplitude. But what is the explicit relationship for a spring?
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