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Quantom scattering theory

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    Hi all.

    I am looking for an excellent text book to be familiar with Quantum Physics and especially quantom scattering theory. Honestly my background is on the engineering part of Electromagnetic waves and I am seeking some explanations about Quantum theory.

    I appreciate ur attention in advance.
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    Good books on QT are, in my opinion,

    J. J. Sakurai, Modern Quantum Mechanics

    and (particularly for the interpretation of QT)

    L. Ballentine, Quantum Mechanics

    In scattering theory these books are not so good since they take the stationary approach from the beginning, which is somewhat misleading and doesn't reveal the real physics behind the theory, which is only brought forward by using the time-dependent theory (wave-packet approach). This is nicely described in

    L. S. Rodberg, R. M. Thaler, Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Scattering
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    Thank you vanhees 71

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