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Quantum algorithm

  1. Dec 8, 2006 #1
    For a computer science project I am creating a simulation of quantum computer memory structure and operations and implementing Shor's algorithm for number factorization. I have been readings its steps and sort of get it but I want to see a simpler quantum algorithm in action to solidify my understanding.

    Does anyone know of any simpler algorithms to assimilate?

    I did not post this in the computers section because it is not specific to any sort of computer programming language or memory architecture; it seems to be more of a pure math question.
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    I've read stuff on Grover’s Algorithm...
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    Look for the Deutsch-Josza problem and Simon's problem. These are fun and great introductory quantum algorithm problems.

    Also check out John Preskill's notes:
    They handle the algorithms as well, but are a great read besides that.
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