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Quantum Cat

  1. Sep 26, 2007 #1
    Hypothetically if we were to say... Just a little joke amongst quantum physicists.

    "A cat always lands on its feet, toast always lands peanut butter side down.

    Would a cat with toast strapped to its back hover in a state of quantum indecision?"
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    Only inside a potential box, and a little outside too.
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    The cat would be in perpetual motion spinning around his back (the toast) forever, and will never hit the ground
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    Maybe if you strapped the toast onto the cat before you buttered it. I wouldn't think you could put the toast on the cat unbuttered side down.
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    (http://metva.com/~cyndi/math.html [Broken])
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    lol that is a most intelllectually please statement compuchip.. i'm still laughing
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