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Quantum Cell Phones?

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    Quantum "Cell Phones?"

    Earlier today, I was thinking, what if we could use Quantum mechanics to have lighting fast cell phone access? How it could work is you could have one particle in the Cell Phone tower (which could now be just a room.) That was entangled with the particle in your cell phone. Then, when you get a call, the callers particle vibrates, rotates, etc. in a way that tells the cell phone tower to move your cell phones particle in such a way that then moves the particle in your cell phone. You cell phone picks up the movement, you can answer it, and go on with your conversation (there could be some sort of system where if a particle moves one way, its a 1, and if it moves another way, its a 0, and use a binary system.)

    I've been thinking about this all day, and now that it's on paper, I can see its flaws.
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    Re: Quantum "Cell Phones?"

    It's most basic flaw is that it presumes that information can be sent via entangled pairs, which it cannot.
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    Re: Quantum "Cell Phones?"

    What phinds said.

    Not to mention that coherent states very rapidly decohere in the environment. Any entanglement wouldn't last long enough to be useful.
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    Re: Quantum "Cell Phones?"

    Okay thanks. I was wondering why I never heard anything about it, through my understanding at the time, It seemed kind of obvious.
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