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Quantum Chemistry

  1. Sep 12, 2003 #1
    I think it would be great having a thread devoted to Quantum Chemistry. Is anyone interested in learning Quantum Chemistry?
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  3. Sep 14, 2003 #2
    Not an inherently bad idea for a thread, but at what level are you thinking that the thread is directed?

    Should everyone first take a look at, for example, http://zopyros.ccqc.uga.edu/lec_top/lectures.html before we start? Should we pick a commonly used textbook such as Levine or such?

    I'm willing to help out with my collection of links if anyone is in fact interested.
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  4. Sep 16, 2003 #3
    All levels, and the textbook really doesn't matter does it?
  5. Sep 16, 2003 #4
    No, the level doesn't matter, nor does the textbook, I was just wondering if you had anything specific in mind for either of those two categories, or if you wanted to direct the thread in any specific direction.
  6. Sep 17, 2003 #5
    Nothing specific.
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