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Quantum Computation

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    So, as I have found out through my exhaustive search for a solid grad program, it is hard to find a close-knit group of quantum-computation-ers. After tossing a coin 3 times, I found the best place to look for anyone interested in the field is in this group rather than Computers or Engineering. Anyone around interested in the theory, application, development, or general ideas behind Quantum Computation, please feel free to post here, and we'll get something started (any person of Admin status may wish to move this thread, though I was unable to find an appropriate area to post this thread... maybe start a new area if this kicks off? Afterall, it is a pretty hot topic). I'll post my interest soon; I must get back to grading, progress reports are due soon.. blah!
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    I'm very interested in Quantum computers, at least at a professional level. I'm currently working on my Ph.D, and my work so far has been about the robustness of adiabtic quantum algorithms, and different generalizations of geometric phases.

    Furthermore I do believe this part of the forum is the most suitable for dicussions about quantum computers.
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