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Quantum Computer

  1. Oct 10, 2005 #1
    I Read About Richard Feynmann's Idea Of Using All The 32 Quantum States Of An Electron To Construct A Supercomputer Which Would Be Much Faster Than The Present Ones That Use Only The Two Binary States.i Do Not Understand How Data Could Be Stored This Way And How Such A Computer Could Be Built?
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    Do You Hold The Shift Key For The First Letter Of Every Word? Isn't That Really Slow?
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    No I Just Type In Uppercase And The Site Filters Do The Rest ,i Suppose.
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    I wouldn't want to say anything mean about people who type in all caps.

    Uhgh. Sorry, but teaching someone about quantum computing takes too much time to explain! Maybe you should investigate a few links and come back with more specific questions? :smile:

    Also try a search on physicsforums for "quantum computer." There have been some interesting topics I remember.
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    An item in this month's SciAm indicates that the qubits (sp?) deteriorate, although possibly after a long enough time to do their job. Can't remember the details right now.
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