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Quantum Computers

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    When do you all think quantum computers will be a reality? Or I guess I should say when do you think they will be practical? And when this happens, do you think that Electrical Engineers and Computer Engineers will design them? Or do you think that there will be a completely new branch of engineering devoted to quantum computers?
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    Mostly chemists and physicists will design the next quantum computer, but the interface will be done by electical engineers. Some experiments involving quantum computers utilze NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) to encode qubits. NMR mostly consists of generating complicated RF signals. Other method uses lasers to alter the states of molecules.

    So electical engineers will be needed but not to design the core of the computer like they have done for current microprocessors.
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    So when do you think that quantum pc's will be a reality? More than 20 years?
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    I think this thread should probably in the Computer section. Could a moderator please move it for me. Thank you.
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