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Quantum Computing Books

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    I'm a third year physics student and just wanted to know for the future, what books should I get in order to learn more about Quantum Computing (theory behind it)? I know Quantum Mechanics books, yes, but what else like after graduation?

    Thanks so much!

    So far on my list is just books on:
    -Mathematics of QM
    -QM field theory

    And thats it, not sure where else to go.
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    The standard text on QC is Nielsen&Chuang's book, it is getting a bit old but so is every other book in the field (any text older than about 2-3 years will not be up-do-date, it is such a rapidly developing field).
    Most of the QM in it is at the undergrad level so it is a good place to start (btw, there is no real reason to study field theory if you are interested in QC; at least not if you are only interested in the concept as such and not in a specific implementation)
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    I am doing a study project on Quantum Computing, please suggest me some of the books which can give me the very basic knowledge of the area and about the Shor's algorithm.
    So that i can understand the subject of Quantum Computing.
    Thanking you
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