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Quantum computing

  1. Jul 24, 2008 #1
    I'm interested in doing research in quantum computing. By that I mainly mean the algorithms and theoretical computer science part, not the experimental part. How much quantum mechanics do I need to know for that? Is the standard undergraduate Griffiths level enough? Do I need to know quantum field theory? What kind of math should I study for that? Is topological quantum computing something an applied mathematician should study or is it just pure mathematics?
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    Hey ehrenfest. I really don't know how much QM you'd need to know to work in theory but I do work as an internin an Exp Quantum computing lab. I have a griffiths level education in quantum and I am able to get by. Alot still goes over my head though.
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    The TCS people in quantum computing generally know as much QM as you can get out of the Nielsen and Chuang book.
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