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Quantum Computing

  1. Dec 24, 2015 #1
    Am an undergraduate student of physics(hons) and want to work on Quantum Computing in future. Can anybody please suggest how I should go about it?
    Thanks in advance
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    Try to get some professor to work with you on such topics as undergrad research.
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    I got into research in quantum computing very recently. I just emailed the professor working in it, appointed a meeting, and talked about his current research and possible opportunities for an undergrad. Quantum computing is a very interdisciplinary field, so if there isn't any professors working in it in the physics department, you should also check professors in the electrical engineering, materials engineering, and computer science departments. My advisor is in electrical engineering.
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    And it helps if you lookup the Prof's research, read it and try to understand it (read some extra background if necessary, ask questions here in PF) before you meet with them. This is much better than arriving empty-handed there, without a clue.
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