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Quantum cosmological origin of universe

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    Quantum Cosmological Origin of Universes
    Authors: V.N. Pervushin, V.A. Zinchuk
    Comments: 25 pages, 2 figures, Invited talk at the XXXIX PNPI Winter School on Nuclear Particle Physics and XI St.Petersburg School on Theoretical Physics (St.Petersburg, Repino, February 14 - 20, 2005) this http URL

    A direct pathway from Hilbert's ``Foundation of Physics'' to Quantum Gravity is established through Dirac's Hamiltonian reduction of General Relativity and Bogoliubov's transformation by analogy with a similar pathway passed by QFT in 20th century. The cosmological scale factor appears on this pathway as a zero mode of the momentum constraints treated as a global excitation of the Landau superfluid liquid type. This approach would be considered as the foundation of the well--known Lif****z cosmological perturbation theory, if it did not contain the double counting of the scale factor as an obstruction to the Dirac Hamiltonian method. After avoiding this ``double counting'' the Hamiltonian cosmological perturbation theory does not contain the time derivatives of gravitational potentials that are responsible for the CMB ``primordial power spectrum'' in the inflationary model.
    The Hilbert -- Dirac -- Bogoliubov Quantum Gravity gives us another possibility to explain this ``spectrum'' and other topical problems of cosmology by the cosmological creation of both universes and particles from Bogoliubov's vacuum. We listed the set of theoretical and observational arguments in favor of that the CMB radiation can be a final product of primordial vector W-, Z- bosons cosmologically created from the vacuum when their Compton length coincides with the universe horizon. The equations describing longitudinal vector bosons in SM, in this case, are close to the equations of the inflationary model used for description of the ``power primordial spectrum'' of the CMB radiation.
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