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Quantum Cosmology reading tips

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    OK, I have a plan to learn this summer after all of my exams will end, some subjects in physics and maths (GR,QFT, measure theory,DG and some random matrix theory, not sure if this plan is tangible, I'll try), so for GR I think of using Wald's and A First course in GR, maybe I'll also look at MTW (which is gaining some dust in my desk since I purchased it... (-:), so I wonder the next step would be to read alongside some cosmology textbooks and naturally comes QC, but in this regard I am quite not sure what literature to use here (maybe not in this summer but the next), any guide as to good articles to search for?

    I have seen there aren't specific textbooks on QC, I guess if I want to start in this I need to search for articles of people such as Wheeler, DeWitt, Hawking, Hartle; Any other names I should be at the look out?

    Any reading tips on literature in Quantum Cosmology? obviously I have a good grasp of QM (not yet of QFT).
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    Alex Vilenkin did some good early work on quantum cosmology. Recently, he's worked mostly on eternal inflation and putting a measure on the multiverse -- related but more modern concepts.
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