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Quantum Darwinism

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    Do anybody think there is something to this quantum model Zurek has developed?
    Recently some evidence for it has shown up, but it seems very few support his theory?
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    Yes I agree that quantum darwinism should be taken more seriously.

    Quantum Decoherence was a big step in the understanding of the quantum-classical transition and it have been verify by severals experiments. Now the next step is Quantum Darwinism which have severals problems. First a better model and understanding of the environment is needed. In the case of decoherence most of the model can be described with a master equation, in the case of quantum Darwinism we need to study the influence of the system over the environment and that complicated everything. Also I think that the development of Quantum Darwinism will trough a better understanding of quantum information. The reason is that the whole idea is that the environment is a channel of communication and that the more redundant information is the information of the pointers. Also Quantum Darwinism is not the end of the story. The final step should be to understand the collapse of the state which for me is one of the most deeper mysteries of nature.

    Also Einselection is a mechanism to produce superselection rules. The important questions is can be all the superselection rules be explained as a consequence of the entanglement between two systems?

    I think that the answer should be affirmative, but I have not evidence to support it.
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    I first heard of this many years ago but up to now.. still have a hard time how to imagine it. Do you imagine these waves from the environment as actually interfering with that of your body or any system (causing decoherence), or are all of this just mathematical.. meaning nothing happens ontologically? This is so because the wave function is supposed to be just knowledge of the observer.. meaning it is just a tool to calculate probabilities. In this sense then there is no wave function objectively.. this means nothing is actual interfering with your body or any system but everything just a math thing? What do you think?
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    For me the wave function is related to the reality in the same sense that the Lagrangian is related to a system. Quantum mechanics is a mathematical structure that we use to calculate stuff. We know that there is a relation between this structure and nature, what is the relation? I don't know.

    I don't think the state of a particle is subjective and I don't think that conscious observer are special. In that sense the interaction with the environment is the same that an experiment in which the data was never collected. Now, because the data was never collected it means that the experiment will not affect the system? My answer is the system will be affected. That is really the whole concept behind quantum decoherence project. The curious thing is that after we accept this fact everything start making sense. The principle of complementarity, the collapse postulate (I mean why a set of states are the only possible result of a measurement) and the measurement problem in general can be understood in terms of a simple idea. Interaction with the environment produce quantum entanglement and because of it information about the system is leaking to the environment.

    I think Zurek did a great job in the sense that he explained the apparent problems of quantum mechanics by using quantum mechanics.
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